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Can't save you
« on: May 28, 2004, 09:38:08 pm »
(Keep in mind this was written in 5 minutes after a conversation i had with a friend)

V1: You look at me with awe inpsiring eyes
as if i'm such an admirable person
But i'm just a human like you
Nobody special
I'm not Clark Kent in disguise
this IS just my costume
Look somewhere else for your "Hero"
For it "doesn't lie in me"

CHORUS: So your drowning, I can't save you
You've slipped and fallen, I can't save you
You've got the wrong number, I can't save you
Don't look to me, cuz i can't save you

V2: How can you trust me with your life?
when i can't trust myself?
they say to someone your somebody,
but to everyone your nobody
I guess that "nobody" describes me best
Just go on without me
And promise you won't look back?
don't shed a tear for me because
all I have is this to say to you

 ---"poot slap, poot slap, dawg with that thump"