Author Topic: You Left Without My Knowledge (poem)  (Read 1000 times)


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You Left Without My Knowledge (poem)
« on: June 09, 2004, 06:07:32 pm »
You Left Without My Knowledge

Strange, the way you both left without my knowledge
If I knew you'd leave I might have said what I needed to say
You are both gone in different forms
But ironically both left the same
My eyes became dull and stared into a dream as it hit me in 2 ways that you were both gone
She left after a few days
Wonder and a confirmation
He left with a 1st semester absent realization
I got chills up my arms
And my toes curled
My eyebrows quivered and you left
Long before I knew
You left without my knowledge
You left with my heart
She left but created a permanent tattoo in my dreams
He left and left a question in my mind
I call to them both before I fall asleep each night
I know now
Now that you left without my knowledge
"If only I could get into that corner of your head."