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--- Quote from: "GJenkins05" ---Which would make it mostly insignificant
--- End quote ---

Now your getting it! lmao!
Do people really wanna see my "Now Playing: Evanescence" in every single post??? doubtful.


--- Quote from: "blackvulture" ---hollars @ admin Kelly

It needs to be like the "Last edited" line.
--- End quote ---

*sigh* i agree with kev -- it was kinda getting on my nerves but i like it MUCH better now.. kelly... line 1197 in viewtopic.php, can you change to the below in CVS? =)

--- Code: ---$nowplaying = '<br /><br /><br /><img src="' . $nowplaying_img . '" border="0" align="left">&
nbsp;<font size="1">' . $nowplaying . '</font>&&<img src="' . $nowplaying_img . '">';
--- End code ---

it makes the now playing feature look far less annoying but is still a cool feature non-the-less.



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