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Everyone should read the rules & FAQs because

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The Admins and Mods on the board took quite a bit of time making them (I mean come on, look at them and you'd see that).

By the number of views shown on the FAQs and Rules, it's easy to see that not everyone is respecting the wishes of the people who have spent a lot of time to make a nice, fun, place for Vanessa Carlton fans to talk.

So even if you hate me, lol, please do them a favor and give them all a little Respect.


Thanks :)

Yeah be sure to read them everyone. It only takes 5 minutes of your time and they are for the benifit of everyone. Although nobody is breaking the rules too badly so far :D (which upsets me, because I like locking stuff :()

Thanks again Katy :)



--- Quote from: "kev222" ---(which upsets me, because I like locking stuff)
--- End quote ---

Evil Uber Mod!  :wink:

lol @ both Kevs.  

Thanks, Katy! :)

how do yu call that Kev ? i mean the first kev (222)
it's lockingholic
it has a weird sounding  :D


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