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Haha. Yeah Lock-a-holic I guess.

I should make one thing clear. I'm not the first Kev. The original Kev is blackvulture. I'm not even the second Kev, that was kmthurman. I'm the lowly third Kev ;-) aka "The Other Kev" or "The One Kev Too Many" lol


dude... i think kev thurman was first but he never went by kev really so hrm.

then certainly the silly vulture.

you could be kevĀ³ (look familiar?) :)


--- Quote from: "katia" ---you could be kevĀ³ (look familiar?) :)
--- End quote ---

The Wolfman. lol

I was going on o-board registration dates.

i meant the first Kev of the 2 posts  :lol:
i didn't mean the first registered Kev  :wink:


--- Quote from: "vive-la-france" ---i meant the first Kev of the 2 posts  :lol:
--- End quote ---

Yeah but I'm stupid :-/ That would be way too common sense for me.



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