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heej i'm new

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i lissen to vc  for very long :)     yea yea she rocks, i becaiming fan  becuase  all i was lissening 2  is vc   so  and she is  so cool :)  

somethings about me ; boy,18, 1,94 meters long   i live in the netherlands,zeeland,goes

and i'm doing all kinds of things  for  fun   like ;  magic the gathering , watching cool movies with  friend  ,  going  to party's/oud

that's me  for a bit

Welcome!  There are others here from the Netherlands also.  Myself, my ancestors were Van Dijk.  You will have a wonderful time here! :D

Welcome to the boards!

I used to like Magic too, but I grew out of it a while ago, such an awesome game, but I lost all the time :cry:

Oh and welcome to the forum!!! 8)

Welcome to the forums!


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