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heej i'm new

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hi   ivy   44  post  already  i need to rush on you :P  

Grrr  stupid  gifs   i made one for this side  but it  for more then 3 times  the accepted kb's    to bad ..  i'm  going to give  it a other  try

Hey. Welcome to the forums, masticore. :)

Ivy Lynne:
haha noooo eric dont rush on me!....the ill have to post like crazy, and everyone will refer to me as ''the post like crazy chick..."lol
nice to hear from you again. :)

Ivy Lynne:
oh yeah, did you email me yet?
( One more post...lol)

wow that's a loooooong time ago that i was online with my 4 posts! :| I shall introduce my self again, i'm still a boy (more a man i think.. 26 years old) got a incredible girl friend... live in the Netherlands with my girl-friend & cat. I listen to a lot of music, watch many movies and watch hughmongous number of series :) and i'm play board games with friends. 

Last bud not least i like VC!.. what a surprise!  I listen to her music a lot and watch video's read and watch interviews etc..

With this new attempt to sign in this forum i hope to be more updated/and talk more about stuff related to VC.   

I hope i'm still qualified to be a nessaholic. :)


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