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General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Support is need, help
« on: November 28, 2002, 12:23:01 pm »
As most of you know Vanessa's tour is soon coming to an end and her next album approaching. Here is where support is needed.
How many of you have seen Vanessa in concert? I am talking about a concert with her boys. Or if you have been to one without, and to one with. Can you see how much more fun it is with the band. Well we all know that the album has a studio band and not Mike, Nate, Jesse and Sasha. How hard do these guys ROCK!?! I know we all want a live CD from this tour, a DVD would be even better. Marc Copley has one come on, Vanessa should have one as well.
What I am saying is we need to let the label, management, Vanessa, everyone know how much we want Nate, Mike, Sasha, and Jesse on this next album and to continue touring with her. I mean initially she had a different drummer but Nate is so awesome. I think we are all used to seeing her with these guys.
We can all see that Vanessa is going to go far and has longevity. Who wouldn't want to have the same band from the beginning? And on the next album. Those guys are extremely talented and Vanessa knows it.
I am sure the decision is not entirely hers but she has some imput and like I said I think we need to let everyone know that we love and want the boys!!
So people help me out here!!

Let aka NESSAholic

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