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Introduce Yourself / Re: Another Nessaholic from Germany! :)
« on: June 29, 2011, 01:42:25 am »
@beatriz: yeah that was me. :D I do remember you, I've subscribed to your channel. :)

Two older requests, but I don't think these files have been uploaded yet:

Once again does anyone have Nolita Fairy Tale live from her apartment (mp3)?
Or any of the AOL sessions (MP3)?

Nolita Fairytale live in apartment:

AOL Sessions 2002

Interview & Songs:
A Thousand Miles only:
Paradise only:

Sessions from Harmonium Era are in the Essential Downloads thread.

does anybody have any records of annie live, please?

The only recording that exists so far. Unfortunately low quality:

There's only one complete recording of BB if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah, and that's already in the Essential Downloads thread. But it's in pretty good quality.

A recording of Vanessa singing the national anthem?

If this one is still needed:

Hey, I still have the Best Behavior snippet!
Here you go: ;)

I can upload the recording of The One too, if anyone still wants it.

Edit: Oh I just saw this was already posted in the Where Can I Download Thread. Whatev. :D

Introduce Yourself / Another Nessaholic from Germany! :)
« on: June 28, 2011, 02:48:12 pm »
Hey guys, I finally managed to register on here! :) I actually wanted to join some time ago but didn't receive the confirmation e-mail, so this is my second try.

My name is Ann-Katrin, I'm 21 and I study sociology as major and German language and literature as minor subject.
I've been a Vanessa fan since 2002 when I heard ATM for the first time and she's my favorite artist of all time.
I also started playing the piano because of her. Never took lessons, but taught me the songs by myself (unfortunately I've already forgotten most of it, cause I haven't played for a long time).   
I'm soo excited for Rabbits on the Run! If I had to choose my favorite tracks, I would say IDWTBAB and TTFS (at least for now), but they're all special in their way. :D   
I hope to get to see V live one day! Maybe when she comes to England I can manage to get there. Would be awesome! It still annoys me that I didn't went to one of the few VC concerts she gave in Germany back then in 2003 (the only time she was here!). I guess I wasn't a hardcore fan yet at that time and the concerts weren't really near my hometown, so it didn't happen (but I believe I was sick anyway around the time the concerts took place xD).
It's such a bummer V wasn't ever seen again here after ATM. :( But I'm lucky to have found this forum (where I've been lurking since 2003) to always keep me updated on what's going on with V. Now I can't wait to meet the other Nessaholics on here. :)     

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