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Simple as creating a name 4 Vanessa Carlton's Australian Steet Team! If
there's a NESSAcomp out there as easy I haven't seen it yet! Enter Now!!

C'mon NESSAholics! The NESSAussies need all the help they can get! I am
sure with resources @ reach here - the NESSAussies can win domestic aid!



 :wink: I make up 4 my lack of instrument playing ability with NESSA inspired
digital art talent! :o  I'm always suprised by the artistic creations posted
on the NESSAsites! I'm sure there's even more talent 2B discovered yet!


I know I've had requests 4 blue backgrounds B4!  :)  The blue in
that NESSApic looks nice w/o alteration!  :wink:  She looks so happy!


I'm sure u have ur double pass that HMV stores have been inserting in
copies of Innocent Eyes!  :D  I will try 2 find additional details B4 Delta
arrives! :idea: Thinking about questions 4 a post over @ Delta's forum!

I really wish I could have experienced this with the NESSAholics in London!

Its been a month since Shepherds Bush Empire! 1 month closer 2 NESSA!!

25 minutes each over my 56Kb modem lol! So much faster than the SHNs!

Looks like I'll have 2 d/l them B4 they're taken down! No re-dist here lol:-)

Would B real nice 2B able 2 buy it off the shelf @ AU$4.95! The UK Import
is gonna cost NESSAussies AU$13.95... I'm sure Sanity will prevail! lol! j/k

Yay! Another NESSAussie! Well Tim... after the release of Pretty Baby was
just canned in Australia (a UK Import version will still B available) Ne time
B4 July 2003 would B nice! NESSA has already told users over @ the VCB
that she plans 2 visit Australia after recording her 2nd CD! I'll B in touch :D

PB available only as a UK Import 4 the NESSAussies!

This is the official word from Universal Records via
HMV Australia... I saw it 4 myself on screen 2nite
@ HMV Surfers Paradise with the Store Manager!

'...the place that you hold in my heart. Would you
 break it apart...again'

Thanx 4 ur support of Pretty Baby so far...I'm sure
this situation isn't what V would have wished 4 us!
I have not started a thread about it b/c the VCB is
not allowing ne posts... new topics/replies! Thanx!

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