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Heroes and Thieves update
« on: April 12, 2007, 10:19:00 am »

i know i've had a bit of a "pregnant pause" between this note and the last. i am in sf now finishing up vocals on a brand new song that's definitely making the album. possibly the first single : ) it's called "my best" and it makes me sad when i sing it (in a good way). i'm heading down to la to mix a few songs this weekend. i finally got to listen through the entire record last week and it's been non stop on my speaker since. (my neighbors think i'm an ego-maniac for sure). i feel like i'm sitting on a record that is my most honest to date. and i enjoy hearing it as if it was somebody elses. that's a first. lots of bold moves on this one. it is dear to me, partially because of the process it took to get made. the stevie tours, the switching labels, weeks of feeling like i'm in slow motion and then intense giddy night sessions, writing in cafes, these moments (there are 2 many 2 mention) add up in my mind and become this album. i'm in the home stretch. your interest in what i'm up to, despite such a long break, makes me overwhelmed with feelings of luck and appreciation. Heroes and Thieves!!! xo v