do you sympathize with the posties?

Yes - they deserve better pay and conditions
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Meh - they deserve better but they are asking too much
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No - get back to work and realise you work for a business in the real world
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Author Topic: do you sympathize with the posties?  (Read 1095 times)


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do you sympathize with the posties?
« on: October 04, 2007, 11:40:04 am »
How do you feel about the current stirke situation, it affects my life alot but I just wondered how everyone felt about it.

Ok so this is mainly for the Brits but if you know about it then tell me what you think.

Quick summary:

The stirke action started in about July with Royal Mail (RM) not wanting to give the postal workers a rise which the Comunication Workers Union (CWU) didnt want to accept, along with this RM wanting to 'modernise' to fit in with increasing competition and lower demand with increasing technology.

The strike action died down for a month or two whilst there were talks between the two parties, which broke down because RM wants to offer a pay increase of 2.5% and CWU wants 4.8% increase and numerous safeguards against job losses.

The CWU wants jobs to be safeguarded but RM needs to cut back money.

The current strike action is 2 48hr strikes which cripple postal services from 12 noon on the 4th until 3am 10th, followed by weekly strike action until it resolves the issues, this is on the back of the recent brakedown.

This cripples small and big business alike and will inevitabley lead to them looking for other postal services and moving away from RM leading to lower RM profits and increased job losses.

My opinion is that they should take 2.5% or ask for more realistic gains, the job is not specialised and requires no vast education or experiance and so the cannot expect amazing pay for it, not that they should be paid badly or anything, I do respect them for doing the job as it's one that I couldn't do.

They need to realise it is a business and businesses have competition and strike action will lead to further problems not solutions.

At the end of the day CPI (Consumer Price Index, the Governments measure of inflation) was 1.9% so 2.5% is good (and what my work was offered, which I am happy with, my job is under threat also due to what you would call modernisation and we are just getting on with our jobs)

They must resolve this quickly and get back to work, pensioners and other people with mobility issues are at risk, and so to is democracy!!!

I say democracy as this will affect postal voting if a 'snap' election is called, so therefore may put Gordon Brown off calling it

If you made it this far thanks :)
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