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It caught me completely by surprise today, but this is the first time I'd been on here in over a month. I like it, and apparently I'm already familiar with it because one of the mobile phone forums I use a lot has this exact same layout, albeit with a different color scheme.

The only issues I'm having are that there is no place to put what I'm listening to right now, and my signature is limited to 300 characters. Nothing major.

I'm sure there's a modification for SMF to do things like "I'm listening to..." but we're holding off on major mods as SMF2's getting closer to release.

Capn Davey:
WOW Glad you finally did this once a proper theme is installed! the choices are endless but I'm sure a great looking one will be found. if you need any help or have SMF questions I'm glad to help. I have a number of SMF based forums up feel free to contact me directly or on the Mairead Nesbitt forum

Great Job!!! ;D ;D


Hmmm, Katia or Trolan, you might wanna check out the posting rights in the "Official VC posts" because it seems like anyone can post in there now...

Not any more.


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