Author Topic: Love and Magic... a new year note from Vanessa!  (Read 3702 times)


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Love and Magic... a new year note from Vanessa!
« on: April 07, 2009, 05:22:43 pm »
New post of Vanessa in It was from January 26, 2009. Enjoy!!

Dear Ones,

No matter how much time ticks between my notes I am never ever unaware of how luckified I am to have fine peeps such as yourselves care about what I'm up to. Apparently I have been sucked into a vortex of total isolation 4 a while. It was nice for a bit but it feels good to be out of hibernation. 

Ummmm, well, I've been writing lots of intrumental stuff as of late (perhaps a film will find it soon : ) AND a few weeks ago i started writing "proper" songs. An album (whatever that means these days) is sweetly and organically unfolding. Phew.

Over the last year I've collected adventures (sweet, sour and in between) from India, russia, the arctic, mars, the inferno, a few absinthe bars, greenland and a 3 heavenly beaches. Yeah, I suppose I'm looking for something but I'm not quite sure what "something" is yet. I will surely let you know when I find it.  I suppose we're all still waiting on the moon to tell us wassup. 

All existential crisis"sees" aside, all is well. I wish only good things for the ones who read this.

Oh and let us all hail the chief. There is a god afterall.

Love and Magic,

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