Author Topic: Barbie Meets G.I. Joe Chapter 3  (Read 1869 times)


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Barbie Meets G.I. Joe Chapter 3
« on: April 25, 2003, 08:04:49 pm »

Barbie jumped out of the car at the Barbie's Real Friend Store and ran inside.
"How much money do you have?" She asked Ken.
"As much as you need." He replied. Barbie ran around the store looking at all the friends she could buy.
"I want this one, and this one, and this one, oh and you gotta have this one."
"This one says that you have to get her boyfriend, right there, Steve."
"Is that O.K.?" She asked.
"Sure... then I can have a new friend. Um... can we get someone to help us out here?" Then a black guy named Steve ran up to help them.
"How can I help you?" He asked while he stared at Barbie. Barbie stared back, but not because he was cute, but because of how "last season" his clothes were.
"We want to buy some friends." Ken told him.
"O.K. which ones?"
"This one, this one, this one, and this one & her boyfriend, Steve, and I want this guy." Ken told him. Then the black guy named Steve ran to the back room and came back with a key looking thing. He walked up to all the people Ken had said he wanted and touched their back with the key and they came to life.
"Ken, we're going to have to buy them clothes, you know. And no last season stuff, either!"
"Well of course... go pick some stuff out." Ken told her and Barbie ran off to the clothes section. A few minutes later, Ken came too, with all their new friends following him.
"I found some stuff," Barbie said, pointing at a heap of clothes in a shopping cart, "Don't forget to get your friends some non last season clothes." Ken nodded and went and looked at the men's section for clothes for his new friends.
“Hey, you... what’s your name?” Ken said pointing to one of his new friends.
“Me? I’m Brent.” He said.
“O.K. Brent... come here. Go try these on,” Ken said handing him some clothes and pointing to the dressing room. Brent walked off and Ken turned to the other one, “You... Steve, right? Go try these on.” He said and threw some clothes at him and Steve walked off toward a dressing room. Barbie ran up to Ken with an excited look on her face.
“Ken, this is so much fun!!! Look at my girls... Cute outfits?” She stepped to the side and there were her new friends, in their new clothes.
“Barbie, Barbie, Barbie... You always did have an eye for fashion, if I do say so myself. They look great... Do they have names?”
“Well of course, silly... this one, the brunette, is Theresa. The dirty blond is Jessica. The red head is Samantha. And the black one is Shanyce. What about yours?”
“Cool... cool... Well... Steve and Brent... I was thinking about maybe getting another one, what do you think? Oh look... here they are.” They looked at Brent and Steve coming out of the dressing rooms in their new clothes.
“Do you like it, new friend?” Brent asked. Ken and Barbie nodded and then Barbie ran off and came back with another guy.
“Here’s your other one. What’s your name?” She asked the red headed guy she had chosen.
“Kevin.” He told her. Ken handed him some clothes and directed him toward the dressing rooms. He ran off and went into a room and came back looking fabulous in his new outfit.
“Shall we check out?” Barbie asked Ken. He nodded and they motioned for their new friends to follow them. They all walked up to the counter.
“Is this all?” The clerk asked. Ken payed the guy and him and Barbie left with their new friends.
"Ken, my new friends and I are going to go hang out in town. I'll call you later. You and your friends go chill. Bye." She said and she gave Ken a kiss and her and her friends turned and walked off. Ken and his new friends hopped in his jeep that has a horn that really honks and a steering wheel that really turns and drove off.
Barbie was with her friends walking around when she saw the guy that she had seen in the beginning of the story...

To Be Continued

Chapter 3 :D


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Barbie Meets G.I. Joe Chapter 3
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