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Nothing Where Something Used To Be-- New Song 7/09/2015 (Lyrics)

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"Saw your buddy, said he talked to you last week
Said you seemed pretty bummed, you've been wanting to call me
Do it, do it"

That part gives me so many feelings

I've decided in my head that this song has a happy ending - he calls her and they get back together and now everything is perfect  :P

this song is definitely one that brought a tear to my eye. liberman feels like such an emotional album, like v just poured her everything into this album and it's a lot deeper than any others.  i'm really excited for that.

Really digging this song too. I also realized that this is probably the "Do It" song from the list of songs on the chalkboard from way back when.

do we have sheet music/chords for this song yet?

i thought this would be my favorite but I don't think that it is.. at least not the studio version.  I like parts of it but the chorus seems too much.  Can I also just say that it realllllllllly bothers me it's not grammatically correct.  "i'm the one THAT left" should be "I'm the one WHO left"
(fleetwood mac does this on silver springs too and it drives me insane).  It doesn't change the flow of the song at all to replace it.
In the living room session version (which I like a lot better than studio) it sounds like she sings "i'm just drinking til I feel four" .. I know it's probably far, as in the studio version, but I like the idea of "four" because it's like seeing double (or more..) from drinking so much.  get so drunk so you just have no idea what's going on.


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