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I should have posted days ago.. but did any one catch her new song she posted on instagram??? it was in an instagram story so I think those disappear after awhile.  I;m not sure we you can see the video now. but the song was sooooooooo good.  it's actually the first time I got chills from one of her songs.  the video was of her view while in mexico, written on the screen was "love is art" and she sang that in the song.  I forget the words now but they may come back to me later.  I hope she plays some new stuff on tour though I won't be going to any shows this time around. 

Oh my god, seriously??!!?? Damn! I can't believe I missed that. Must have watched it without the sound on or something...

I'm crossing my fingers that she'll play some new stuff during this upcoming tour and that we'll get some recordings!!!

Here it is: It's really beautiful and simple, which is lovely. I'm really hoping we have a full version when she plays this tour.

Oh, good!!! I'm so glad someone was able to grab it.

It's absolutely beautiful! I'm so excited about the new things that are to come :)

on her latest instagram post she said this will be her last tour for awhile.. I was sad at first because I won't be able to attend any of the shows, but maybe that means a new album is in progress.. unless it just means focusing on her family as well as letting John tour since he has an album coming up right?


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