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Here is todays thought
« on: September 07, 2002, 08:21:41 am »
I was watching one of the Rambo movies on cable today,
and I noticed something in it that is sadly lacking
in modern cinema.

The punch noise.

What is the punch noise you ask?
You didnt ask, well I will tell you anyway.

The punch noise occured often in eighties action films.
It was a sound effect produced when someone punched
someone else in the face. Nowdays you will be lucky to hear
even a small noise when a punch goes down. But in the eighties,
the punch sound was so loud that it broke several windows in my house.
Judging by the volume of the eighties punch sound, anyone being
hit was by a miraculous coincidence, next door to an off screen
rail yard, where 2 trains collided with a ball bearing filled
plane, while a thermo nuclear warhead was hit by
a semi-trailer full of fire crackers.

If a person was hit by the amount of force reqired to generate that
noise, their head would instantly turn to liquid, while the hand
doing the punching dropped out of warp speed into a sun.

Does anyone else miss the punch sound?

Just a pointless random thought of mine.
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