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Vanessa at William Jewell College on 10/25

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I got my tickets in the mail today so I'm officially going to see Nessa! :D :D

I've seen her twice before but she was either an opening act or one of many artists. But now I get to see her, only her, all her!! Woo-hoo!! :)

I'll post my review this weekend if anyone is interested...


definitely post a review!  i'll put Mondays up when i have some time, probably tomorrow night ;)

Okay, here is my review for katia and anyone else that's interested:

What an amazing night! :) I had to edit out the f-word above since Nessa had to do the same tonight... lol

Set List:
C'est La Vie
Pretty Baby
A Thousand Miles
Ordinary Day
Paint It Black

She Floats

It really is hard to describe how incredible Nessa is live but I'm going to try! :) I got there about 45 minutes before the doors were supposed to open. It was like 40 degrees and we ended up having to stand outside for an extra 40 minutes! So I stood in the freezing cold for an hour and a half! Lucky that Nessa is worth it... :) But a lot of people were pissed cause they really weren't big Nessa fans and just there for "something to do." They told us it took so long cause Nessa's "soundtrack" was messed up. Whatever that means. People were royally pissed AT Nessa and I was like "It's not her fault..." and people were threatening to leave. I thought "Go ahead! Nessa can just sing to me, then!" :)

Anyway, we finally got in and I was like four rows from the front and I swear, Nessa was like 5-10 feet from me the entire concert! So cool! The concert was in a chapel and why I'm sharing that will make sense later on...

Nessa sang C'est La Vie and Papa without much commentary. She just commented that they were going to be on her next album.

Unsung, Rinse and Prince - Very dramatic performances but no commentary.

She then said she had a story about the next two songs but would tell it after she sang the first one... and then sang Swindler!!! (How excited was I?!? I LOVE Swindler! :D)  She then talked about how she used to sing in clubs where according to her, nobody wanted to hear her sing and the drunk guys yelled at her to get off the stage cause "they didn't want to listen to a girl sing." She went on to say that she used to be a waitress in NY and "hungry people in NY are the meanest people" and that this time frame was when she wrote Swindler and Wanted. She then launched into Wanted, which was AMAZING!

Pretty Baby - Before singing, she mentioned that it's going to be the next single and she talked about the guys you have to deal with that sign you to a record label. I think she said they are called "AR guys"?? Is this what they're called? Anyway, she said they are jerks and that this one "AR guy"(?) was convinced that Nessa wrote Pretty Baby about him. A pretty funny story!

ATM - She played a few bars and said that when her mom first heard it, she told Nessa that she had a hit. She then said that she felt she had to edit herself cause we were in a chapel and that she couldn't call ATM what she usually called it! A few of us got that! lol The whole place rocked out to ATM! :)

Ordinary Day, my favorite - She gave the usual story about how she wrote it in one sitting and that she has ADD. I was almost reciting the story along with her! lol  

Paint It Black - No commentary but she did a freakin' awesome job! I couldn't believe how into this song she got! :)

She then left the stage and we all cheered so she came back and did an encore. She did She Floats and then said she "forgot" to play a song from her album and launched into Twilight. The entire room was dead silent as she sang and it was the most incredible thing! There just are no words...

After that, Nessa thanked us, gave her peace sign and left. :) I left the chapel and convinced by friend that we needed to wait by her bus to try and get an autograph. There were only about 10 other people there... I asked one of the guitar guys (not Jesse but the other one) if Nessa was going to come out soon. And he said "Yes... probably in like an hour." I figured he was kidding so I waited. The security lady by her bus said that Nessa had signed a contract with the college to not sign autographs. I was bummed! My friend then wanted to leave but I wanted to stay so we could at least ASK Nessa for an autograph. I mean, what's the worse that could happen? We then started arguing (lol) and all of a sudden, my friend said "Look there she is!" And sure enough, there was Nessa walking down the hill toward her bus. SO... I ran over and joined the crowd... and I GOT HER AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!! She was like a foot away from me and people were complimenting her left and right on her performance ('cause like I said, it kicked ass!). I got to tell her that she did an awesome job and she signed my BNN CD! I'm still in shock!!! But VERY happy! :D :D :D I was careful not to touch her signature but when I got home, I realized that there was a fingerprint mark on it... Grrrrr... but then I thought "Maybe it's Nessa's..." so now it's all good! :) :)

General comments: I just can't put into words how freakin' hard Nessa rocked tonight!. She put 110% into her performance! I knew that she was going to be good since I have all her live performances but she exceeded all my wildest dreams! Her voice was fabulous and she looked good. Can I just say what a little actress she is??! I mean, she was totally getting into Paint it Black and Prince! Very dramatic! :) When I was standing next to her, I realized that she isn't that tall. On stage, she looks tall but maybe that's just my warped perception... lol  I'm not fond of her bangs... I liked her old hair style better.... but that's just my opinion. Nessa was so nice and gracious when signing autographs and I could tell she had a lot of fun performing on stage. The crowd was very polite and respectful to her which made me so happy! But then again, I was so into her music that I didn't notice everything that was going on around me! lol When she stopped singing, I was like "No!!!!! I want more!" I could listen to Nessa sing for hours and hours and hours and never tire of her... :)

I was a huge Nessa fan before this concert (as I had seen her twice already) but after tonight, I'd have to say that I rank myself up there as one of her biggest! This has to be one of the BEST concerts I've ever been to! (And I've been to a lot) If anybody hasn't seen Nessa yet live, do whatever is necessary to make it happen! Go, go, go! :)


Great review!  Thanks, Shelly!

Wicked review! I can't wait to see her live now. Glad you got an autograph. LOL @ the blatent contract violation :O/



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