Author Topic: 11/23/02 Atlanta, GA -- Eleven50  (Read 2307 times)


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11/23/02 Atlanta, GA -- Eleven50
« on: November 22, 2002, 02:27:19 am »
So i ended up going =)

C'Est La Vie, Papa, Unsung, Rinse, Prince, Pretty Baby, Sway, Swindler, Wanted, ATM, Ordinary Day, Paint It Black

Encore'd She Floats and Twilight

(I think that's it...)

Very good show.  The band seems really on tonight and Vanessa seemed excited to have her mother at the show along with Let, Steph, Jason, Scott etc etc.  She kept glacing over at them and smiling.

She came out with one of her red unicorn hats on saying she was having "really bad ass hat hair" thus she was afraid to take it off.  'Bout halfway through the show she took the hat off after asking if she should a couple times.

It seemed like Jesse had some problems a couple of times -- for the first part of ATM i couldn't hear him.

Pretty Baby was performed acoustic styleish with all of them "in a round" -- very good version of the song.  Sway was incredible... she was walking all over the stange and singing... she seems really into it.  PIB was even better, she was kneeling on the piano bench for a while, then at the end she was standing on the piano bench.  I got a few pictures.. Scott got some great shots.  Because i'm on dialup i'm only gonna upload one but here is the end.

She introduced ATM in a similar fashion... A Thousand Fucking Miles -- then noted that her mother wouldn't be happy she just said that.  She said how she missed maggie (her dog) but couldn't bring her on the bus as she'd shit all over the place.

Nate -- that man is crazy.  He was breaking sticks right and left and flinging them into the crowd.  Jesse threw several pics into the crowd (i got one) and Sasha was his usual cool self making the bass playing seem effortless.

Hung out with Nate and Mike after the show with a bunch of the local nessaholics.  that was a lot of fun

There were quite a few interesting characters in the crowd that kept screaming but it was fun.  Of course the entire crowd sang ATM and OD.

oh well... that's all for now folks.

I <3 Nicole

We want the unicorns to live! - Vanessa Carlton


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11/23/02 Atlanta, GA -- Eleven50
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2003, 09:21:31 pm »
It was fun, glad you came, woo I am late!!