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halfway through
« on: September 07, 2003, 11:19:30 pm »
guys, I feel so alive right now. It's sunday night. The pesky smell in the kitchen has been solved. It was of course.....a dead mouse. Thankfully, there is a man in my life to pick it up and gag for me. More importantly, this album is hugely personal and (not surprisingly) gothic. I am completely immersed. A friend of mine is doing a film/documentary about the making of this album. There is a segment in the film where fans will be invited over to the studio to be interviewed and view a little show from yours truly. More info to follow in the news section. You guys are gonna love this stuff (if I may be so bold).

ps. I have a song called Morning Sting not Morning Stain. That's icky. sorry I had to clear that one up.

posted: 9/7/2003 22:53