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My Poems
« on: September 23, 2003, 10:59:16 pm »
These are poems I've written at different times....not any good

This one was written about my closest friend Stacy (A guy)

Always remember someone loves you
If you ever tome to a time
When you think noo one loves you
Just read this poem, think of me
And smile that cheesy smile
That I know you love :D

People that think
That abbsouletly everyone loves them
Are just dumb
And they are only hoping
That their biggest dream and fantasies
Come true

There arent many people I trust
But you are one of the few
All my friends
Think that I trust them so much
But to be honest
The only one I trust is you!

This one I wrote after my Aunty died from cancer, my dad read it out at the funeral and it made my mum cry...
To Aunty Vera,
I hope you are happier now that you are in heaven and I know you are going to enjoy life a lot more now you're in peace.

Like a clown that can't laugh
like a moonless sky,
it's like a day
without seeing you pass by.
Like a rose that losts it's color,
like the sky gone for a while,
it's like your pretty face
losing it's smile.
Like snow never melting,
like rain never pouring down,
it's like never seeing
your beautiful eyes frown.
Its like a war without any enimies
Like flowers that aren't pretty,
like a sun that can't shine
it's like a life
without you being here,
my lifes not worth living.

Tears fall from my eyes as I remember Sunday night,
The phone call we got gave us all a fright.
Shes gone the lady said and my smile disappeared,
For now youre gone my days will never be the same.

I never got to say goodbye and I will regret it until the day I die,
I hope you forgive me for all the wrong things I did.
And I will remember all the wonderful things from you in life that I passed by.

So now you're gone I feel out of place in this world,
My life is all confused and I miss your reflection by my side.
I cannot live without you and so many people know this so,
For I have for once shown my feelings, not afraid, not scared, no sook.

Just a random poem I wrote when I was down...
Loneliness is my friend
Pure and white
Just like an angel
Just like a dove
Flying through the sky

I'm used to saying goodbye
Goodbye to people
I know I'm never gonna see again
It hurts too much I usually run
For fear everyone will leave
And I'll never be the same

As our song once said
"Bring me to life"
For I have become nothing so
"Save me from the nothing I've become"

So when you find the
Key to my heart
Make sure you never break it
For its already fragile enough

But I'm almost 100% sure
You wont be able to break my heart
Even if you tried
For youre too afraid to
But no matter what
I'll always love you
Right from the very bottom of my heart

and this one is the first real poem I ever wrote...

My World
My worlds spinning around,
But I'm stuck in one spot.
I cant move, cant walk,
Cant spin around with my world.

Lifes not worth living,
When you cant live it your own way,
My worlds spinning around,
Like a mobile hung up in the wind.

Sometimes your life just stops
Like everythings frozen in one spot,
Except for you, you can move, walk, talk.

Isnt it funny how your worst enimy
Can become your closest, most wonderful
Best friend in a matter of days
Just by saying a few things that really touch you.

Will I ever find what I want in life?
Or will things just keep getting worse?
Isnt it weird how the things you want in life
Come when you least expect them to
and by then its usually too late.

Feeling out of place,
Without you by my side.
My days keep on passing by,
Faster, faster, faster.

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