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Random writing
« on: September 24, 2003, 01:26:51 pm »
The wind passes upon my face
Standing on the soft sand
So quickly shall i'll feel your touch
So nervously shall i hold your hand
As the sky begin to fall into the sea
I'll be waiting for you to call onto me
When the sun decides to break into a storm
I'll be your shadow that can do no harm
The wind passes upon my face
As I wiped the tear that fell down your cheek
you looked me in the eye and said..
"you'll always have faith in me"
Everything i ever wanted
Everything i've always known
Is the feeling you have inside
A feeling of our own
The wind passes upon my face
but i saw you were no longer there
So i took a walk to a far away place
A place we can both be together
A place i felt so alive
when i walked those stairs
The wind is no longer passing upon my face
because our souls are set free
Now i must find you
I must find you so...
The pain we both shared
The happiness we once had
is reborn again oh so heavenly
Even when the sun begin to shine on my face
No matter where i go
No matter what i do
Just feel in your heart
I will always love you