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So Bad
« on: November 05, 2003, 11:28:28 am »
[this is basically a poem about my girlfriend at the time telling me that she had cheated on me with her ex. I had heard rumors but was in denial]

It hurt so bad...
It hurt so bad...
I guess I'm glad that you told me

I had to cry
When I knew the lie
was really the truth

How could you do that to me?
I try to forget
But I can't help but feel
The pain and misery
That you let cut so deep inside of me

Love is so twisted
& also abusing
It's not one but both I'm accusing

I hate to think what might have been
If I'd never known the betraying sin...

You cheated me out of us...

It hurt so bad...
sometimes it still hurts now...
"The crows seemed to be calling his name thought Caw..."