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« on: January 10, 2004, 09:51:40 pm »
I know this is kind of long compared then the other writings.. but i had to write a monologue this's kinda of written in a metaphorical way..

I awake to see myself standing in the middle of a path. I glance one way; I see a dark cloud stretch to eternity. The dark cloud was all around me, moving, and taunting me.  I looked the opposite way and see a light the size of a diamond in the distance. It was the only light I could see in this cloud of darkness. What was that light. I strained to see it. It was calling my name, calling me to come to it.  I was attracted to the light and I quickly turned and ran towards it.  I ran as hard as I could, but I wasn’t getting any closer to this light. I traveled days, months, even years down this path just to get to the light, so I could see what being in the light was like. Was it warm? Were there others? In this darkness I’m alone, all alone. Every once in a while I would see people on this path, but never were they going to the light. They were people who had given up on this light, and people who were trying to convince you away from the light. It was hard. Things tempted me to steer away from the path, and I wanted to get off this path, I wanted to stop traveling down this long path. It appeared like I would never reach this tiny diamond of light.  But each time I felt this way, I would look back to my past, and it wasn’t pretty.  I would see that the great cloud of darkness growing bigger and bigger. I didn’t want to be part of the darkness. I wanted to be different.  I wanted to be part of the light. I hungered for this light.  I took a deep breath and I began to go toward the light again. I’m tired, I’ve been beaten, I’ve been betrayed, I’ve been persecuted for going to this light, I’ve questioned myself, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve matured, and I’ve found myself. Throughout this I go towards this light, this light is my passion, my goal that I want to conquer. What seems like after infinity, I realize that the reliance on myself won’t lead me to the light, but the light will come to me if I want it to.  I realize that this light itself wants to be with me, be a part of me. It wants to grow inside of me. I cry out for the light to come.  Instantly I’m embraced and covered by the light. It loves me, it saves me, and it protects me.  I feel that warmth that I was longing for, and now I will forever live in the light. But what about the others, those who are trapped in the darkness, I need to help them. I ask the light to guide me to them so I might show them what all the light will give. For the light will shine forth from my body, and be a like a lighthouse to the lost. I want to help them. I want to live with them in the light because they are the ones I love. They are the ones I passed on the path, so alone, so confused, and wanted the same thing, the light. We all can relate. We all have lived in the darkness.  Everyday my faith will be tested, and everyday I will grow more in this light. Everyday I will say thanks to this light, for this light has brought me hope. It has brought me purpose, and love. This light gives me a reason to live. But most of all this light is everlasting. It will never leave or forsake me. It’s a promise to me, a promise of everlasting love.