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hi from london
« on: July 04, 2002, 11:16:00 am »
hey there!
I'm in London, all by myself, in a strange hotel room. This is officially the first time that I have ever posted a message from my on laptop. Miracles do happen. Of course I've already lost the plug/ adapter thingy, but the actual computer is alive and well and sitting content underneath my fingers. I don't feel lonely at the's more like my room feels lonely. I think it's bored. I slept four hours on the plane today. Glorious!!!! Sleep is great. I'm so excited that you guys like the OD video. I was freezing my ass off the whole time! I get to play the song, just me and my keys, at the mtv beach house on the 16th. Much love to all fans and nessaholics.

posted: 7/4/2002 15:16