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Two Poem's I really Like
« on: February 22, 2004, 11:09:43 am »
I'm weird yes for liking poem's like these but, I just love poem's like this. :?

Ways To Go

Fingers, cold, interlocked in a death grip around my neck.
I need to hold on to something, anything.
But I have nothing.
Gun, brightly polished and chrome plated, pressed against my chin.
Cocked and loaded, the trigger begging to be pulled.
Thought’s racing through my head. Do it, don’t do it.
Who’ll be sorry when I’m gone?
I was his SuperHero, now I am his kryptonite.
There was a point when I had everything, now I have nothing.
Rope, soft against my skin, tightly tied in to the shape of a noose.
Hanging from the rafters, begging for a neck to be fastened around.
It’s the perfect length, swaying slowly to my death, coming to a stop once it’s over. Can’t think of a better way to go.
Pills, counted out, arranged neatly in a row. One by one, I’ll take them.
Sweating and shaking as the drugs interact. My heart will soon stop.
Falling asleep and never waking, how peaceful it seems outside, but my body is tearing its self apart on the inside.
Gas, can’t see it, don’t know it’s there. But I breathe it and I taste it.
Dizzy, can’t stand. Things becoming blurry, won’t be long now.
What a simple way, it’s been done before, I’m not the first.
I curl up, mange to whisper a soft “goodbye and I love you, baby”.
And before I know it, it’s over. I silently slip away.
I’ll be remembered now by a name and date on some stone in a cemetery somewhere.
It’s not important, the time that was known, that dash in between.
Let it be known that I gave up on life, before I even had the chance to live.  


Please don't cry

She walks the streets all alone
Inside her head no one is home
Attached to nothing on this earth
Not even her life is of worth
She had friends, but they’re all gone
And for her it won’t be long
She has it planned down to the day
She left a note for her boyfriend Jay
The note read: Please don’t cry
You’ll get over me when I die
You’ll soon forget what we were
In your mind I will be a blur
Don’t forget what we had
But don’t remember, it’ll make you sad
I loved you, that’s one thing I know
I’m so sorry I let you go.
She read it over in her mind
Making sure that she was kind
She put on her favorite song
Reminiscing about things gone wrong
It was finally time for her to leave
She slowly lifted her sleeve
She held a sharp and jagged knife
And sliced up her short life
To ensure her death, she took some pills
Only about 60 advils
She took in one last breath
The only thing in her future was death
Jay, her boyfriend of a year
Read the note full of fear
He couldn’t believe that she was gone
They had been so happy together for so long
He looked up and asked why
Why did she have to die?
He never got to say goodbye
He just sat down and started to cry


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