Author Topic: Irony (poem)  (Read 820 times)


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Irony (poem)
« on: June 11, 2004, 08:11:30 am »

This letter was given to me without my knowledge of it's power
Until I opened up the thrice folded treasure that read pure beauty and rawness
My heart raced
I loved every pencil mark on this note
But it was so bittersweet
He's hard to read
I only want him as a friend
But, damnit, I've been there before and fear that I will bring the same pain I've had before
Now everything has changed
Our friendship is rearranged
And I dread tomorrow to face myself on the other side of the room
My heart hurts but is also warm
I'm sorry for this irony
"If only I could get into that corner of your head."