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« on: August 03, 2004, 12:09:22 pm »
I love Frente! I still think "Marvin the Album" is one of the greatest albums of all time!

give a listen...
btw - angie hart the lead singer apparently went on to form a band with Jesse Tobias (vanessa's tour guitarist...) called Splendid --- remember Jesse was on Buffy....??? makes you go "ahhhhhhhhhhh" - he was on with Splendid and Angie...
small world - I like Jesse even more now!

here is a little piece of news about him from april --- looks like everyone is doing their own thing - we will probably have a new band - the next tour, huh?

"Thursday, April 22, 2004 :.  
:.  Splendid (Angie Hart and Jesse Tobias)  

Click here gig guide for Australia tour dates....
Splendid is Angie Hart (ex-Frente) and Jesse Tobias. Splendid will return Down Under to play songs from ‘Have You Got A Name For It’ and new tunes from the album-in-the-works, at venues in Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and Melbourne.

It’s been a while since Splendid’s debut album, ‘Have You Got A Name For It’ was released on Australian turf, and it’ll be a just little longer before the sophomore effort is completed and available at a store near you.

Why is it taking so long? Well, the folding of their US label for one and subsequent shelving of their album outside of Australia for one. Angie’s ‘music’ heart was broken and she needed time out. Pursuing other fields of creativity she learned how to make and design jewellery for a company in her Los Angeles neighbourhood.

Jesse continued to do what he does most successfully, be a girl singer’s best friend. He proceeded to land a couple of extremely promising music direction gigs for then nobodies, Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton.

Jesse toured, Angie bejewelled, Splendid sat at home.

It must’ve been at least a year before the duo even contemplated a note towards a second album: ‘It took a long time of letting it go completely, for the music to come back, I had to really feel a desperate need to make my music be heard again, before the songs began to come through. I had to get the love back,’ says Hart, ‘and in order to do that, I had to put myself in a position where I had to fight to get it back.’

When time allowed between the commitments that had risen to take Splendid’s rightful first place priority, they began writing, mostly in fits and starts. The odd gem poked up through the matrix, for instance ‘Tomorrow We’ll Wake’, which found it way onto Buffy the Vampire Slayer in glorious demo form.

Jesse had branched out into producing and engineering recordings. He produced a handful of recordings for television that were featured on shows such as, Buffy, Angel, and Miracles. He also produced and developed a few independent records, including one for the Australian singer songwriter, Felicity Hunter, the acoustic production of Michelle Branch’s ‘Goodbye To You’ and an Emmy nomination for co-production and musical direction on the (Buffy maniacs take note) Buffy musical, ‘Once More With Feeling’.

With these tools he began recording the new songs that were blossoming on the homefront. ‘We live in a one bedroom apartment and don’t always have access to a studio, so there’s a pile of blankets we have on the ready for soundproofing, if the need arises. As soon as we hear our upstairs neighbour’s car pull out of the drive, we run around like maniacs, getting our ‘studio’ set up in the hallway’.

With Angie’s working hours, the upstairs neighbour, it could be a while yet before we can hear what some blankets, a few hours here and there, and the rumbling of the odd passing bus can do for a song.

They hope to bring a couple of tracks with them to share with you at these forthcoming shows. Keep your ears out for the tracks 'Iron Man' and 'Dear Friend' at radio now, and an EP to follow in July/August.

As for the rest they promise won’t take too much longer. "