Author Topic: "Who's to Say" on KF99!  (Read 4735 times)


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"Who's to Say" on KF99!
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2005, 05:21:08 am »
Kind of forgetting new single from Vanessa.... it's just stupid thinking of it, it'll never happen, she's not being promoted anymore, it sucks, but it truly does....

The fact this songs are being played at the such radios, it's normal, because, both song " Private Radio " and " Who's to say " has been out in some album listed above........

Just let's hope the new Vanessa work coming, and see what's gonna be, and show all the world that Vanessa Carlton is in.... and always will be...

When I see Vanessa situation, it reminds me Natalie Imbruglia, because it's so similar...

First album, Natalie rocked a lot with the hit " Torn " and her second album was weak and no one got to know her from " Wrong Impression or That Day "... but now Natalie is back and is selling albums like water... with the mega hit " Shiver " and " Counting Down The Days ", so I think that the new Vanessa work is gonna rock, be the best... but it depends only on her, and I'm quite sure I trust her.

............ Vou para Europa descobrir alguns segredos da Vida ............


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"Who's to Say" on KF99!
« Reply #16 on: July 08, 2005, 03:27:21 pm »
I haven't heard any new VC stuff on the radio in a long time, but when I was shopping NY & Co at the mall , I heard them play "Prince"... I think the store has a cd they play over and over..and over..b/c I'm pretty sure I have heard thing song at thr store before...when I heard it I said outloud "Hey, that's Vanessa Carlton..she rocks, her new cd is great", hoping to catch the ears of some of the other women in the store..

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