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marathon living
« on: October 12, 2005, 09:16:59 pm »
i was about to leave the city to do a psa for z100, but i've been flooded back to my very clean house. i ran 18 miles this weekend and actually enjoyed myself. my soundtrack was the new fiona record (love it), postal service, and the old franz ferdinand. it got me through the pain.

i got a new puppy named victor. we are all convinced he is a direct descendent of lord byron. he is proud and victorious and has no idea how small he is. (a long haired dachshund). i've kind of been leading the life of leisure of late. writing, sleeping, running and hangin with victor and friends.

looking forward to finishing another album and hopefully sharing it with lots of you.
i've never felt so complete. thank you for hangin out even when there's not much goin on.

posted: 10/12/2005 13:32