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"Good Friends"
« on: October 29, 2005, 08:09:00 am »
Good Friends

A smile pirouettes my calvaria.
Another brain ripple's rond d' jambe.
The living room
fire, an orange ember.
A pen still in your hand.
I promise not to peek.
The promise of which you'll not know what price.
I cloak them gently with
lilac damask.

Silicon slippered toenail tattoos
Betray your moonlight stroll.
I watch over your slumber.  Cool, silky, Ivory.
Your fluttering fingers keyboard ecstasy.
A gracious gossamer gondola.
Floating.....floating.....floating.... I blink.
On earth.  Your hand, the pen.

Kaleidoscopic autumnpalette blanketing lakeside.
A wistful moment passes.
apple cider is warmed.
Your repose, no pose.  Repose?  I close, suppose.....
At your side.  The pen is warm.
Nosepalming your hand.  I love your skin.
Fragrantly fractal.
Sweet, savage soliloquy.

Stubble stumbling fingers awaken me.
You smile at the breakfast tray.
Our eyes embrace.
"You didn't peek now, did you?"
My grinned  "how could I?"

Peace to You and Victor, a fan