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General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / We can all agree here...
« on: February 07, 2012, 07:31:26 pm »
... That Vanessa is the MOST, AMAZING, person ever?

I just had to share how much I truly love her music, and how much it moves me. I've listened to her for a long time now, and her music has been with me while moving through something hard in my life. Her words and music is something that always keeps me going. This woman has so much talent and ROTR is deeply painful for me to listen to now, it's a work of art. Never stop making music hun! V has too much talent to disappear, so glad she is back (but currently seems to be in ninja mode, she'll come back eventually).

So yes, I'm sure we can all agree here that she is incredible. I hope this is not a pointless thread XD

Oh and who knew she liked The Dark Crystal? I grew up watching that movie, we had to constantly rewind the VHS tape because I watched it so much.

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