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Completely Off-Topic / i think a spirit appeared in one of my pictures
« on: August 01, 2008, 10:12:05 pm »
^yeah i really wanna do that. but i dunno where to send it to.

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Mindfreak w/ Criss Angel
« on: August 01, 2008, 10:08:39 pm »
Quote from: "eclv"
Steveau. Tell me how you really feel. Yeah I knew he wouldn't die.

I got most of my answers Criss Angel talks about his stunt at the Spyglass Hotel

thanks for that video! i was trying to find an after the stunt video forever the other day. i loved when he said this 'if you have a dream, i dont care what people tell you, how negative they are, believe in yourself, believe, believe, believe in yourself & just go for it". & it was SO touching when he talked about his fans.

& damn, he's f*cking hot in this video. i like his hair natural looking like that. but as long as he doesn't have the beard, he looks hot however his hair is  :razz:

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Mindfreak w/ Criss Angel
« on: July 31, 2008, 10:00:22 pm »
well he had me & a lot of other fans bawling their eyes out cuz we thought he did die, so he's still amazing to me if he can have that kind of affect on people.

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Mindfreak w/ Criss Angel
« on: July 30, 2008, 11:57:20 pm »
you know whats funny, i got a few people to watch his show tonight that never usually do. two of them were Paula fans i'm friends with (one of them was the one that called me) & a friend from high school lives in Florida now & went to it. her myspace status when she got back was like "Criss Angel is amazing" & i've never heard her say that before lol. she said she was gonna take pics if she could so i'll post any if she did & let you guys know any behind the scenes stuff i hear about.

i hope i keep getting more people into his show.

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Mindfreak w/ Criss Angel
« on: July 30, 2008, 07:45:30 pm »
omg i thought he f*cking right towards the end my friend Tina called me who was also watching it & he was still in the building with like 30 seconds left so i kept saying "this has to be pre-recorded, this has to be pre-recorded" & i was bawling my eyes out when the building imploded. i've never freaked out so much during a tv show.

then 1 minute later he shows up!

i was shaking like crazy.

he better not do a live stunt again, good lord that man almost gave me a heart attack.

Quote from: "iluvvanessa"
I bet the ghost wanted to be part of your charlie's angels pose from in the recent pix thread.  :D


Quote from: "iluvvanessa"
Cameras sometimes morph 2 pix together. What was the picture before and after that one? It could be a spirit, I can see where a head would be. But where were you [state] cause if u were in ca its illegal to smoke inside a public facility.

i don't understand how this would be the result of 2 pix morphing together. i was in California, in the inland empire/so cal. i don't think it's illegal to smoke at the place we were at (Pechanga), but like i said, i don't even remember smelling smoke last night when we took those.

Completely Off-Topic / Recent Pictures Thread Part 3
« on: July 26, 2008, 04:39:27 pm »
me (in the red shirt) & a couple friends last night

trying to do the charlies angels pose lol

car picture haha

walking back to the car with part of my tattoo showing..
it's a black music note & it says something above it,
but that part is personal & i only show certain people.

me & my friends went out dancing last night & after we were done we went up to the 2nd floor of the building & took some pics up there. & in one of the pics, a ghostly looking thing appears & is kind of wrapping around my friend on the very left (i'm in the red shirt btw).
i used a digital camera, & some said it might be cigarette smoke, others say it's a spirit or guardian angel. it looks like the 2nd choice to me. i don't even remember smelling smoke last night & i don't think the guy that took the picture was smoking. also this is at a Casino, which used to be an old indian reservation.
someone said if it is a spirit, it looks like it's making some kind of old fashion dress or something & that was before i mentioned that we were at a place that used to be an old indian reservation.

Other Musicians / Delta Goodrem
« on: July 25, 2008, 07:05:06 pm »
Delta performed on the View last week..i was totally surprised to see her on. thank goodness i always watch the show or i would've never known lol. it was such a cool performance.

& that was the first US TV show i've seen her on besides the AMA's a while back.

btw if you've never heard of the View (for you overseas peeps), it's a popular talk show with all lady hosts including whoopie goldberg, barbara walters, elizabeth hasselbeck, joy bahar, and sherie sheperd. i probably butchered the spelling on their names but whatever lol.

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Mindfreak w/ Criss Angel
« on: July 24, 2008, 06:59:09 pm »
Quote from: "eclv"
I am glad the season has started.

Please, shave already. He looks horrible, it's so scruffy!! It would help if his hair color and beard were the same color.

The one where the he pulled the card out of the guy's head. Well, that was a set up cause it certainly wouldn't have worked so well if the "random person" wasn't bald.

The aquarium gf thing, car, and middle of the lady gone, crazy!

The lake thing, no idea how he does that crap. The crazy ladies who went in the water cracked me up. The one chick with her purse, jeans and all, in the water freakin' out, too funny!


he has shaved since then, i'm so glad cuz yeah it freaked me out lol. he said he didn't have time to shave & thats why he grew the beard because he was working too hard. & still is working too hard.

& yeah i knew the guy with the bald head was a set up, but that still had me tripping out haha i was like holy shit.

& i have a theory about the middle of the lady being gone..remember how there was a picture behind her? well when he put up the blanket i believe she somehow put her body in a secret hole/door that was in the picture. i don't know how she got in the secret hole/door. unless shes a midget & the legs were prosthetics's & a guy behind the hole/door pulled her in somehow so only her face & stomach was facing out? does that make sense? lol.

still have no idea how he walked across the lake though. wtf.

Other Musicians / Britney Christian
« on: July 21, 2008, 03:22:07 pm »
hmm i didn't know that. weird.

oh & she's gonna be on the high school musical show next week.
can't wait:) this show isn't as bad as i thought it would be. helps that nick lacheys hosting hehe.

Completely Off-Topic / this is so cool
« on: July 20, 2008, 06:56:16 pm »
you know what's funny? the video i posted, i knew it was coming & i still screamed lol.

Completely Off-Topic / this is so cool
« on: July 20, 2008, 05:11:38 pm »
watch the whole see the rocking chair move first, then the ghostly figure appears. whoa..

one of my friends posted it on myspace.

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Mindfreak w/ Criss Angel
« on: July 20, 2008, 04:47:53 pm »
just letting any fans know that Mindfreak's new season starts on July 23rd, this Wednesday on A&E. he's gonna attempt to walk across a lake among other things. then on the 30th he's gonna do a completely live stunt. here's the info about it which has me freaking out btw. i'm gonna be a nervous wreck come next Wednesday:


"I will be placed in the bucket of a fire truck and placed on the 7th-storey balcony of a 9-storey building. The stairs will have been removed from the first two floors so when the dynamite goes off it will implode on itself. I will be manacled to the balcony and visible throughout to both the TV cameras and to the loyal fans that will be able to watch it from a safe distance. I will have less than four minutes to escape. I will not know any of the challenges I will face because nobody has ever done this before live from a building being blown up. I've got to escape, race up to the roof, jump on the rope dangling from a helicopter and fly off to safety.

"That's the plan, quite frankly anything could go wrong. Its live-no rehearsal, no safety net. It could kill me. It's the most dangerous thing I've ever done and 4,600 tons of concrete will implode whether I'm in it or not.

"I always wanted to do this kind of thing live so I can prove for once and for all to the skeptics that what you see is what you get. It's interesting to say the least, but the cement blocks and implosion should ramp up the theater of it all. You will see me live on the balcony. This time there will not be a cover on me. You will watch me pick my way out of the shackles as the clock ticks. You will see me escape and run for the roof. It's the only way I can get out before it all collapses. It will be a legitimate escape and as the first magician to be completely exposed while doing it certainly pushes the envelope of ultimate illusions. I am excited and passionate about it, and I love explosives so I have to believe there is nothing in this that will cause me to be afraid of dying."

"people will potentionally witness my death on tv live" is what he said on Craig Ferguson about it the other day..he doesn't seem very confident about it does he lol. shit.

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