Author Topic: Vegas Show Rundown  (Read 3410 times)


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Vegas Show Rundown
« on: September 11, 2002, 01:23:01 am »

Well first off I got to meet Joe (Wonkies) and the webmasters of :-D  that was pretty cool for one!  Well the show started off with Vanessa playing Cest La Vie however you spell it I suck at spelling I know... then she played Poppa... They were both awsome, gotta love new songs... then she messed around filling space for about a minute while the band finished setting up... Joe yelled out for Superhero but it was a little too late... right as he said it the band was ready... so she broke into Unsung, then rinse... then prince... may I mention that unsung sounds so damn cool live!  then she did her staples... 1000 miles then ordinary day... the crap part about this is she was facing away from 98 percent of the audience... there where about 8 fans in the direction her piano was faced... thank goodness she got up and rocked for Paint It Black... then that was it for her for the night... no guest apperance on American Girl for Goo Goo Dolls... which was a dissapointment cause the goo goo dolls are not very active for a touring band... even though I was surprised they played a lot of older (i mean before they hit big) songs... with their bassist singing (their original singer)  that was very cool for me cause I used to be a goo goo dolls fan back in the day... BUT THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE SHOW WAS... THIRDEYEBLIND!!! The kicked so much booty I can't even begin to describe it... They just won themselves a lifetime fan... I mean i have always loved thirdeyeblind... but now I am even more in love with their music... Stephan... I hope you are dating Vanessa... maybe you can give her some stage presence tips, it looks like you may already be with her rocking rendition of Paint It Black and her stage movement.  Well... I think it is pretty much even more confirmed the 2 are an item... cause Stephan right before their finale gave a HUGE SHOUTOUT to Vanessa and how beautiful and talented she is... The worst part of the night was coming to the realization that cause of the streaming cam that Vanessa would not be out during the goo goo dolls finale... :(  The webcast only showcased the dolls and no one else... no mention of anyone else... just the dolls... So LA Fans... prepare for dissapointment if you wanna see lots of Nessa... cause she was noticably cut to 30 minutes tonight... so goo goo dolls could perform forever... hahaha it seemed that way anyway... oh well... I LOVE YOU NESSA, this moron is still dedicated and can't wait til you headline and visit the hard rock or the house of blues for a more intimate concert.... The funny point of the night was I was the Guy with The Shirt... I got about 20+ compliments on my shirt... and at one point when I was walking back in during the goo goo dolls set cause we were wandering looking for nessa or any band member... the usher lady was all... ahh I remember you go in on... I told ya you had a nice shirt... HAHAHA well I will try to get a picture of it posted... we didn't really take many pictures at the show but I believe at in a few days you will be able to have access to whatever we did manage to get...  Well I have talked enough... if I messed up anything or left anything out and you went to this show please fill it in!

~Charles~ aka THE SHIRT GUY
Charles aka nessamoron


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« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2002, 03:27:52 am »
Nice review Charles. LOL Superhero continues to elude I see.

For the record. That is a kick ass shirt.