Author Topic: The snowball effect  (Read 852 times)


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The snowball effect
« on: January 10, 2005, 10:03:02 am »
This is my angry song, or something like it :p
it's about little differences turning into stupid fights.

The snowball effect

a little difference
goes a long way
in making words
bitter and cruel

a small push in the wrong direction
seems to freeze your affection
I wonder what crime I have comitted
and because of this oh so deadly sin
temperature is falling
falling to the ground
can you catch it before it hits the ground?

you can't hide
there's a blizzard coming
you can't hide
you started it all
you can't hide
I will find your weakness
you can't hide

you kick and scream to cause confusion
but your weak efforts just amuse me
I'm so sick of all these games you're playing
and don't you look away merely cause it hurts
can you feel the frostbite soaring
soaring through your veins
can you feel the chill clinging to your bones


sanity leaves shards of glass
since you've thrown it out the window
(you can't close it anymore)
you'd better hold on tight
spring may never come
and like a fool you've cut yourself
spilling mercury across the floor
blood, tears
here's hoping that it hurts
it's what you deserve

you can't hide
you can't hide

beneath the ice the pain is showing
and the guilt has started growing
but I won't ask to be forgiven
cause for this war you're the one to blame


tell me what you think about it.
"If it all went away, nothing left to say, oh would you fight it or would you lay down."