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end of year desert moment
« on: December 19, 2006, 07:48:54 pm »
hello all,
every year around this time my family and i go to arizona to ride horse, hike, and soak in hot water with the occasional margarita. it's great. i am looking forward to next year with high hopes and genuine excitement. i've also found such a sense of peace over the past year. i hope the songs on this next record reflect these last two years in the most musical way possible. Just to remind everyone (in case u read an innacurate article that makes u question) i am of course continuing on with my vanessa sound.(ew i hate 3rd person talk) . Hopefully, i'm just becoming a better version of myself. There will not be any inauthentic, desperate to sell, musical sound changes goin on over her. Also, i'm gonna take the plunge and officially call this next record Heroes and Thieves (will explain title next year). i love it love it. also, i feel particularly thankful to have such attentive fans. seriously. you guys are why i put my music down on tape in the first place. k. gotta get on me horse. xxoxo

posted: 12/19/2006 12:28