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Completely Off-Topic / I Met...
« on: September 01, 2009, 12:19:15 pm »
I met my favoritest person ever! Look at my picture.
It was wonderful.
And hi, everyone by the way. I haven't been on here for like... a year.

Vanessa Songs / Lyrics / Sheet Music / More Than This - FINISHED
« on: October 20, 2008, 07:33:39 am »
It's got some things to work out by people more talented than myself, but I've got the jist of the song. Except I can't make sheet music, so perhaps I'll put a tutorial on youtube and those who can make sheet music can do that by watching the tutorial. ^_^

Sorry it took so long, there were just personal things going on. I know that sounds like what everybody says sometimes, but there really was. And holidays... Hah.

Completely Off-Topic / I Got To Talk To My Hero On The Internet
« on: September 30, 2008, 10:36:46 am »
My hero being Patrick Martin Stumph of Fall Out Boy.
I asked him 3 questions and also told him something, and it was so exciting! This was today. This morning. The best day of my life. Here are my questions and his answers.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do aside from anything music-related?
A: I don't really have a lot of interests outside of music.

Q: What is your favorite Prince song? (By the way, he really likes Prince.)
A: Prince has way too many good songs.

Q: I'm learning to write music, do you have any advice for me?
A: Listen to your favorite bands and try and find out how they wrote their songs.

Then I told him:
"Call your mother and tell her thank you for giving birth to you."
Then he said:
"...thank you."

I think I freaked him out. 0_o. Lol.

Creative Endeavors / Any Tips For New Bands?
« on: August 28, 2008, 09:29:35 pm »
I wasn't sure if I should put this in 'Completely Off-Topic' or 'Creative Endeavors'.

But anyway...I'm trying to start a band (Half successful (sp?) so far), I have me(Vocals, guitar) and another guitarist.

I just want to know if anyone here has any experience with this sort of thing and could offer some advice or tips?

Completely Off-Topic / Happy Birthday, Me
« on: July 16, 2008, 08:04:21 am »
Obviously I'm not cool enough to have my own subject about my birthday, nor will I ever be, but I like making myself feel special sometimes. :D

Other Musicians / David Bowie
« on: June 18, 2008, 07:57:02 pm »
So finding common interest in Prince was almost a complete failure. Anyone else like David Bowie? (Or David Robert Jones, whichever you prefer)

Other Musicians / Prince
« on: June 03, 2008, 08:54:38 am »
I looked throughout all the pages of the Other Musicians, and unless I missed something, I cannot believe Prince wasn`t here. He`s phenomenal. Unless I`m the only NESSAholic, much less one of the only people I know (which doesn`t really count, `cause it`s me) who likes Prince as much as I do.
It may even be a slight obsession.  :D

Move this topic to somewhere more appropriate if you wish, but I was wondering if someone had an interest in doing a transcription for Prince's song Planet Earth.
I would be very grateful if someone would want to...

Or even rather acknowledge that I even wrote this...haha.

Other Musicians / Adele
« on: April 07, 2008, 02:30:47 pm »
I haven't really heard much of her, but I was watching Much Music and she sang a couple songs live, as well as singing her own version of "To Make You Feel My Love". I think she has quite a nice voice, has anyone else heard of her, or know more about her than I do?

Polls / How Do YOU Write Your Music?
« on: March 02, 2008, 07:44:57 pm »
Since there are so many ways, I will not enter poll options and such. Just tell me.
Personally, I cannot write any music unless I have an extreme emotion, where I can just play as I go along (Guitar, piano) and I can't remember it.
But I can actually create stuff when I see lyrics that someone made. When I'm rather detatched to the lyrics in other cases but I like them, I can write some pretty cool stuff, so I'm not really good to writing to my own lyrics.

Completely Off-Topic / Throw E. Bear
« on: February 08, 2008, 04:39:54 pm »
A series of videos that me and my cousin are working on. I think there's only one video up right now, but we uploaded two.

I need some help deciding what Throw E. Bear should do next!

FAQ / Board Issues / Calendar Request
« on: February 01, 2008, 11:11:34 am »
I request that you put Vanessa's birthday on the calendar. I'm sure you know when it is, I just think it's pointless to be a NESSAholics website, with a calendar, and not have the main person's birthday on it. :D

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Law & Order
« on: January 31, 2008, 08:50:00 pm »
I recently got obsessed with this show,  :lol: it's really neat.
Anyone else like it? Do you prefer the older episodes, or the new ones?

I actually prefer the older episodes, but the new ones leave nothing left to be desired.

Creative Endeavors / Sun and Moon
« on: December 23, 2007, 02:01:25 pm »
Okay, the other one (Watch Her) got a lot of good comments, so here's the first song I ever wrote that I was proud of.

Sun and Moon
Verse 1:
Serenity in the sky
And they cannot lie
About the thoughts they once shared
The sun sets on the day
One glance as they drift away
Serenity passing by
Rolling out of the sky
Sun and moon
Smile down on them
Just because they're not like the others
Since they know
This is already over
Just because they were too scared to try
Like the sun rises
She thinks of you
Like the moon glows
She will always remember
Verse 2:
Hidden in bonds
That they do not share
Around the corner she knew was there
The moon rises in the sky
Bringing back regrets of goodbye
Serenity passing through
For nothing you can do
Chorus Repeat
And she cannot speak of you
The regret was too much
And she always thinks of you
But it was all such...a lie.
Chorus Repeat

So, hopefully you'll truthfully tell me what you think, (but not in mean ways) and if it lacks something, you will give me some constructive critism? Being as I love to write songs, getting some feedback from people would be a great way to improve.

Polls / What "A Thousand Miles" Means To You
« on: December 22, 2007, 06:41:13 pm »
I thought this would be a good question, because it can mean anything. What it means to me is about my Grandpa Matthews who died when I was little.

Verse 1
Making my way downtown walking fast, faces pass and I'm homebound
Staring blankly ahead just making my way, making my way through the crowd...
I feel I'm just trying to rush everything, or everything is rushing me, and 'homebound' represents the end of life, or (hopefully) going to Heaven. All of us are always 'homebound'. I feel sometimes I'm just on some kind of autopilot mode, therefore 'staring blankly ahead', and the crowd represents time.
Bridge to Chorus
And I need you, and I miss you
And now I wonder...
Sometimes I feel like I would just need my Grandpa to be around, and definately, I miss him!
If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pass me by
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you
What the chorus means to me is doing anything to see my Grandpa wherever he is. Just an aching of missing him.
Verse 2
It's always times like these when I think of you and I wonder if you ever *thought* of me
'Cause everything's so wrong and I don't belong living in your precious memories...
Everytime my mind wanders (which is a lot), I end up thinking of him, and I start to just wonder if he had ever thought of me as much as I think of him right now. As for the next line, of course everything's so wrong, because the world is a crazy place, and I don't feel like I fit thinking about him and missing the memory of him.
And I, I *want* to let you know
I, I drown in your memory
I, I don't want to let this go
I, I don't...
I really wish I could talk with my Grandpa, and I really wish I could let him know I miss him as much as I do all the time.

I don't think many people would understand how I feel about the whole thing unless they went through something similar, but now that I'm older, and my Grandpa died when I was younger, I really think about him, and I ask about him a lot, and I just want to know everything about what he was like.
I don't think I quite described fully what A Thousand Miles means to me, but I tried my hardest. When something means a lot to you, sometimes there isn't a way to describe it.

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