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General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / When?
« on: February 20, 2007, 09:50:57 am »
Ok, is there any month perhaps that she's thinking the album might be released?  Any set dates for anything?

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / I sang "A Thousand Miles"
« on: January 29, 2007, 03:06:57 pm »
Ok, I know this is like the last thing but exciting news but I just thought I'd mention that last night at my work's holiday party, I sang "A Thousand Miles" with my friend, Jessica on kareoke!  That's all, carry on...hehe

Other Musicians / Can't think of her name or song title
« on: April 16, 2006, 09:47:13 pm »
There was this video on VH1 the other night and I completely forget this girl's name or the song title so I'm frustrated.  Do any of you know of a kinda Regina Spektor-like singer with short blonde hair and the video is a bunch of moving polaroids?

Creative Endeavors / I Still Want You
« on: January 04, 2006, 12:35:13 am »
I Still Want You

You've been in my head lately
And I just can't shake you
Everything reminds me of you
I've been thinking about what could be
And I should've taken you
I was just so nervous for the future
I couldn't accept an adventure
Not with you
Someone so incompatible to me
But now I sit here with this guilt
Imagining the relationship we could have built
There was so much chemistry and fire
And not letting it be kept this unsettling desire
I know it's wrong
But it feels so right
It will never end until we kiss
It's you who I truly do miss
But if we kiss and I still miss
I might want you to be mine
I wish I could rewind to that time and change what happened to us
Was it just a phase that you no longer ponder?
I wonder if she was just a replacement?
For you cannot be untaken
It would hurt your pride
So maybe it was best to push you aside
We would have fought non-stop
But even after all I've thought
I still want you

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / The songs that make you cry
« on: September 25, 2005, 09:40:51 pm »
Have you ever cried or consistently cry to any Vanessa songs? Which ones?

"Annie" - twice
"Afterglow" - once

Creative Endeavors / Unconditional Attachment
« on: September 16, 2005, 10:32:48 pm »
Unconditional Attachment

Days turned into weeks
And weeks turned into months
After all my efforts
I'm done being desperate
You said it yourself
I won't know you in 10 years
Well, I'm not budging
And you won't try
So put a fork in it, right?
Little boys can't resolve
I won't sacrifice my dignity
To smooth over this bump
Never again
And it's such a shame
Your reasons - so lame
Your "wifey" is your arm
I wonder if it's her concern
To keep me away
To keep you astray
From everyone and everything
Or if it's just a stupid phase
For leaving me behind
Are you just finished?
How much do I offer?
Arguable, yes
But we were children together
And as we grew
The bond knot tied through
Brother and sis by choice
But now I don't know what to say
And you never did anyway
Mr. Fix It
Why don't you fix this?
I can't stop loving you
And I hope you can't either
Because what we had was not some fad
That goes away within a year
Memories were deep
This distance is so steep
And I will have to keep this burden
What will happen when you wake?
You've been hung up and we're at stake
And I will break the circle with my vent
This will never die
This unconditional attachment

FAQ / Board Issues / How many?
« on: September 06, 2005, 08:47:00 pm »
How many posts do you have to get to in order to have a banner and avatar on this board?

Creative Endeavors / One-Sided
« on: July 29, 2005, 09:23:34 pm »

5 years have gone by
And I still think of you
You've inspired so many poems
5 years have gone by
And I still miss you
Hard and aching
Like I just lost you
A hole is still in my heart
And it will never close
Until you come back
But as information has shown
Not reliable maybe
You've been here all along
I can't cope with how wrong that is
Letting me die here while you've been around
Have I ever walked by you
Next to you
Stepped on your ground?
Have we just missed each other by a few steps?
Around the corner?
In the next car?
How could I not sense it?
And how could you not try?
I'm still here
But yet you don't even look for me
While I've been searching since you've been gone
I can truly feel the distance getting closer
Tori Amos

But if the impossible happens and we do meet again
It might be completely different
Not united
Not anymore
And this has all been

Creative Endeavors / Lonely pt. 2
« on: July 27, 2005, 11:14:46 pm »
Lonely pt. 2

"Days like this
I don't know what to do with myself
All day
And all night
I wander the halls along the walls
And under my breath
I say to myself
'I need fuel
To take flight.'" Fiona Apple

No phone messages
No emails
No snail mail
No door bell ringing
No plans made
Not a thought of me
"Forget about her
She'll call me
And if she doesn't
Then I'll be free."
Maybe I'm paranoid
That's not what they think
But after a while
It starts to sink
The fires out
The water ain't flowin'
Everyone's busy
Never knowing
I'm still here
Waiting at home
By the phone
Or online
Couch potato
Nose in books
Did you ever ponder
Or take a look
At what's available
For the taking
Lonely woman
All her duties
As Miss Happy
Stood up again
Desperate girl
Find a hobby
Dumbass twit
Find some wit
Stop complaining
All that whining
You'll be fine
So now I'll go
Isobel's still sitting on her thrown - alone
No audience but elders to help her up
And into bed
Where she'll weep
Try to fall asleep
"In a forest pitch dark
Glowed the tiniest spark
It burst into a flame
Like me" Bjork

She was mad
But more so
She was lonely

Creative Endeavors / Always Be Here
« on: July 11, 2005, 10:01:37 pm »
Always Be Here

Always my hero
You still are to me
Hardly ever fought
People were astonished
Closer than close
The 2 of us
So much in common
You've introduced me to so much
As I've said before
Music is life and you've created that for me
I can't believe how far we've come
So long ago we were making jokes and sharing secrets
You telling me clever lies at my gullibility
You could never truly disappoint me because I'm always on your side
Because friends definitely came and went but when I needed you
You were there
Like they say
You're stuck with your siblings but you choose your friends
Well, you are my best friend who happens to be my kin
Protective of my feelings and jumps at the chance to defend
Piercing partners
Concert cats
Music junkies
You are so talented
I am fascinated every time
Your excitement is adorable
I admire you to no limit
I love you as deep as it runs
I will always understand
So if you need a hand
To make life feel more clear
Little sister will always be here

Creative Endeavors / Passenger's Seat
« on: July 10, 2005, 10:11:51 pm »
Passenger's Seat

I thought I could do it
I really did
But come on now
I'm Julie
LD the core
I guess I didn't know my disadvantage as well as the rest of you
Well I've come to realize my million steps behind
Examples upon examples of my incapability
Watch me drive
Without the procedures
It's all fun and games until it's the real deal
Go right when it's left
Never look unless there's time
My mind boggles
Puzzles scrambled
The pretzel of my brain
You don't want that in these extremes
To kill yourself or someone else
To gamble with that, you better be sure
So I guess I couldn't prove anyone wrong
But maybe I saved a life or more
Independence has a limit
And in my case
More than others
Can I get a ride?
I don't know directions
That's called losing it
On more than one level
I wish I had what it takes
But I hardly ever have what it takes
So what's the surprise?
It's difficult
They say get out of the kitchen
If you can't take the heat
Well, sadly
I will be permanently placed in the passenger's seat

Creative Endeavors / Genius
« on: July 06, 2005, 11:21:49 pm »

How intriguing the 2 of you
I admire each and everything you do
Your intelligence and interpretation
Your research and translation
Your study and your strength
To sink your teeth into the project
To think with your heart and slight logic
To let go of everything for your story
To escape the world and unknowingly, you have glory
To show pure interest and not show off
To bring realization and display thought
To show us something we have not seen
To discover what has been looked over
Emotion that is not just for you
Something that has heart
Something that is unearthly
Something that is unjust being brought to the table
Pondering life and all its details
So much intellect that is never flaunted
Beauty on the inside
Beauty on the outside
Humble and true
Sincere and determined
Hungry for more
Never-ending creativity
Never-ending journey
To keep on writing
Never hold back
For not being ashamed is what brought you here
And that my darlings
Is genius

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / "Paradise" interpretations
« on: June 25, 2005, 04:35:05 pm »

once upon a year gone by
she saw herself give in
every time she closed her eyes
she saw what could have been
well nothing hurts and nothing bleeds
when covers tucked in tight
funny when the bottom drops
how she forgets to fight

and it's one more day in paradise
one more day in paradise

as darkness quickly steals the light
that shined within her eyes
she slowly swallows all her fear
and soothes her mind with lies
well all she wants and all she needs
are reasons to survive
a day in which the sun will take
her artificial light...her light

don't pretend to hold it in just let it out
don't pretend to hold it in just push it out
don't you try to hold it in just let it out and
don't you try to hold it in you hold it in

once upon a year gone by
she saw herselg give in
every time she closed her eyes
she saw what could have been

I think this song is about a woman who felt very submissive, subordinant, and spineless in the relationship she was in and when she finally breaks apart from this person her feelings are getting lower and lower than it was before because she hasn't truly found herself yet.  In a way, the "paradise" is just bliss within ignorance as some would say.

Creative Endeavors / Nothing
« on: June 15, 2005, 10:20:57 am »

You contradicting bitch
You lying, selfish skank
How dare you say this to me
As if you will make it far
You say you'd hang yourself from a bar
If you were to take on my path
Well, get ready for the wrath
'Cause no one disrespects my brother
I don't care what your intentions were
Slander me all you want
I'm used to your rant
But my brother is off limits
Frankly, I'm sick and tired of all this shit
You crossed the line when you pushed my button
How your personality shifts is just puzzling to me
Your sweet and fun for one second, then you're cruelty
Everything must be about you doesn't it
You would just crumble and die if it wasn't
Oh the drama
Spare me
I stopped caring a long time ago
But yet I'm always here for you ya know
Attention must be your's
Bow down to the almighty queen of this land
For her future as she describes must be grand
A psychologist I see
I don't see
Not a trace
I laugh with grace
Never your's
No MD for you Madame
"Oh, I know, let's talk about me."
Yeah, sick of the subject
Aren't we?
A wise woman once said,
Success does not come with money
It comes with joy
Well, you won't get the boy
You won't get the job
You won't get the place
You won't win the race
Because in the end
You are diminished
You are finished
And me?
Well maybe I don't know right now
But I will keep discovering my reasoning how
The way I want to live
What I could perhaps give
It's not all so clear ya know
I'll figure it out although
You go on with that speech
Let's just say no one can reach
Your so-called accessible "standards"
I guess that's what you like
But whatever I choose
I'll be able to see myself in the mirror
And never feel your hidden fear
At least I hope that's the reason
That you won't be anything in life with your destructive choices
You just didn't hear what I was saying
And I'll tell you exactly where you'll be in a few years
And what will you have achieved?

Creative Endeavors / Without Judgment
« on: June 10, 2005, 05:17:01 pm »
Without Judgment

Do you know how easy it is to talk to you?
Do you know how much you do?
Create that specialty I haven't had in years
I thought that was gone -
You know the tears
It's amazing how different we truly are
But because of your open heart
We're not far
Your eyes glow like stars as you jump into the books
You say you can be there
You can stare
Right through the page and into the place
Through the text - into the race
Of words that turn into pictures and such
So vivid and real that you could touch
And I just sit there and marvel at your fascination
And you with my insanity are so patient
You listen and hear and understand
And all this drama in this land
You take it without the cheats and lies
'Cause you only "sleep with butterflies"
And I can rave and rant
And praise and vent
And you'll respond kindly
Without judgment

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