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Creative Endeavors / No title... Any ideas???
« on: October 15, 2003, 07:38:47 pm »
time slips away
every second im without you i need you more
the more you are without me the more you seem to change
it seems that you couldn't be any farther
and then you go farther
i would spend every night without a word
just to know you loved me
i would die a thousand times
just to know you cared
and when i feel you touch me
with the slightest breathe
or your angel wings
its like heaven and i could fly
i could fly forever
and i would if i could be with you
and now you seem so far
a thousand miles it seems to me
a thousand miles too far
saying sorry will never work
i cry for days it seems
im thinking
i cant stop
i will never forget your beauty
i will never forget your grace
i can never lose the memory
of your beautiful perfect face
please dont think that was me
it was anger and stupidity
and it was the worst mistake if my life
i need you
i would do anything
be happy
and make the right choice
You are the only thing i live for
i love you more then anything
i know i cant and never will have you
but please let me know you care

wrote that
like a week

Completely Off-Topic / YAY!!! IT'S TWIG!!!!!!
« on: September 24, 2003, 05:52:35 pm »
Quote from: "Zebrakorn"
Is Twig still gonna teach me snowboarding one day? =P

Did I promise I would??? YES... So I will... Decide when you're gonna come see me in Idaho & we'll do it!!!

luffs her
 :lol:  :razz:  :lol:

Completely Off-Topic / YAY!!! IT'S TWIG!!!!!!
« on: September 19, 2003, 06:10:40 pm »
Don't know how many of the people on here know who I am... But thought I'd post this anyway... Haha... Great stuff... How is everyone??? Whether I know you or not... Geez, it's been a while... I haven't been on here in forever!!! How's life treatin everyone???

is gonna try
& post on here
more often...
 :)  :lol:  :)

i know this was in May... but i pretty much just now read it... sorry if it's already been posted... but here we go...

Vanessa Lengies: I've always had a secret desire to be a journalist, so i was really excited to interview Vanessa Carlton (who sang on the show) & my costar/best friend, Brittany Snow.

VL: One of the biggest perks of my job comes when music stars stop by to play icons from the '60s. Vanessa Carlton, who appeared as Dusty Springfield, was one of my favorites, because she's a great performer with an admirable love for classic songs. I was stoked when I got an interview withe her.

So Vanessa, if you could go back to the '60s, who would you want to hang out with?
VC: My dad. He is a cool cat. I can only imagine how he was in the '60s!
VL: When's the last time you had a crush on a guy?
VC: The last time I had a crush, I didn't even allwo myself to "crush." I didn'd pay any attention to him. I wanted to take myself out of the game for a bit because I had just had my feelings hurt. Luckily my crush had a crush on me and fought for my attention. Now he's the love of my life. My super-love! [She's talking about Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind's singer.]
VL: Do you have any favorite makeout songs?
VC: Anything by Bob Marley. I love raggae.
VL: Where do you want to be in five years?
VC: Hopefully I'll be on my third album and writing film scores and doing some theater.
VL: What's your American dream?
VC: Peace. It should be every American's Dream!

so... who knows if that's been posted... but if it has, i just posted it again... haha

enjoyed it...

Other Musicians / The Explosion... Anyone?
« on: May 15, 2003, 07:16:28 pm »
They're really cool... When I went to the AFI concert in Boise not too long ago, they were the 2nd opening band... There was "Bleeding Through." The band itself was really good... but the singer sounded like he was getting ready to/in the process of vomiting. But I must say I was glad when they were done... then "The Explosion" came on... They were more of a punk rock oriented band & I must say, their teenage angst sound reminded me of the early Anti-Flag. "The Explosion" was a very talented band & they made "Bleeding Through" look like amateurs...

It was a fun concert & I wrote an article on it in the school newspaper.

it... and she

Other Musicians / yeah
« on: April 26, 2003, 12:56:53 pm »
they're bigger than they were when they started out in the garage... :lol: I wrote an article about them in the school newspaper:

      Four high school students making noise in a garage in the early 90's were looking for some way to alleviate boredom in a small town between skateboard sessions. As they learned to play their instruments with each practice, even they couldn't imagine what the band would become. With the release of their new album, "Sing The Sorrow," A.F.I (A Fire Inside) has finally outdone themselves. I've been following A.F.I for a long long time now, and they are needless to say, my favorite band. Even though they are constantly changing, they never cease to amaze me. "Sing The Sorrow" is A.F.I's first major record label release, with Dreamworks records. From the beginning, A.F.I has been signed on to Dexter Holland's (Offspring's lead singer) independent record label, Nitro Records. There is no doubt that changing record labels is a sign of A.F.I selling out. They feel that its a sign of A.F.I being all about the money, and not about the most important thing of all, the music. These pathetic ingrates couldn't be anymore wrong. What they need to realize is that a record label isn't what makes a band, their music is what defines them.
        While "Sing the Sorrow" is different for A.F.I they are far from selling out. A.F.I's new sound is unlike any other I have ever heard, chilling melodies colliding with furious aggression, and ocer top of it all is singer, Davey Havoks, eerie wail. Tracks like, "Dancing Through Sunday," "Death of Seasons," and "...But Home is Nowhere," A.F.I shows their true aggression with thrashing guitars, pounding drums, and Havoks perfected scream. A.F.I's more melodic side comes throughin songs like, "The Leaving Song," "Girls Not Grey," and "This Celluloid Dream." A.F.I mixes the two styles masterfully and the sound created is unexplainably perfect.
          For true A.F.I fans, this album may be different, but I guarantee that you will love this CD. For new listeners, you may not totally enjoy this album, but only because you don't fully understand it. Once again, A.F.I has created an impeccably superior album that will forever leave an impression on those that listen to it.
Thanks guys.

I didn't think I'd ever get done writing that... especially by my deadline... hehe

hopes you
liked it.  :D

Other Musicians / AFI
« on: April 25, 2003, 08:20:01 pm »
They're my favorite band... I love them to death

has liked
them even
before they
became all
big & famous
& shtuffs :D

Creative Endeavors / Barbie Meets G.I. Joe Chapter 3
« on: April 25, 2003, 08:04:49 pm »

Barbie jumped out of the car at the Barbie's Real Friend Store and ran inside.
"How much money do you have?" She asked Ken.
"As much as you need." He replied. Barbie ran around the store looking at all the friends she could buy.
"I want this one, and this one, and this one, oh and you gotta have this one."
"This one says that you have to get her boyfriend, right there, Steve."
"Is that O.K.?" She asked.
"Sure... then I can have a new friend. Um... can we get someone to help us out here?" Then a black guy named Steve ran up to help them.
"How can I help you?" He asked while he stared at Barbie. Barbie stared back, but not because he was cute, but because of how "last season" his clothes were.
"We want to buy some friends." Ken told him.
"O.K. which ones?"
"This one, this one, this one, and this one & her boyfriend, Steve, and I want this guy." Ken told him. Then the black guy named Steve ran to the back room and came back with a key looking thing. He walked up to all the people Ken had said he wanted and touched their back with the key and they came to life.
"Ken, we're going to have to buy them clothes, you know. And no last season stuff, either!"
"Well of course... go pick some stuff out." Ken told her and Barbie ran off to the clothes section. A few minutes later, Ken came too, with all their new friends following him.
"I found some stuff," Barbie said, pointing at a heap of clothes in a shopping cart, "Don't forget to get your friends some non last season clothes." Ken nodded and went and looked at the men's section for clothes for his new friends.
“Hey, you... what’s your name?” Ken said pointing to one of his new friends.
“Me? I’m Brent.” He said.
“O.K. Brent... come here. Go try these on,” Ken said handing him some clothes and pointing to the dressing room. Brent walked off and Ken turned to the other one, “You... Steve, right? Go try these on.” He said and threw some clothes at him and Steve walked off toward a dressing room. Barbie ran up to Ken with an excited look on her face.
“Ken, this is so much fun!!! Look at my girls... Cute outfits?” She stepped to the side and there were her new friends, in their new clothes.
“Barbie, Barbie, Barbie... You always did have an eye for fashion, if I do say so myself. They look great... Do they have names?”
“Well of course, silly... this one, the brunette, is Theresa. The dirty blond is Jessica. The red head is Samantha. And the black one is Shanyce. What about yours?”
“Cool... cool... Well... Steve and Brent... I was thinking about maybe getting another one, what do you think? Oh look... here they are.” They looked at Brent and Steve coming out of the dressing rooms in their new clothes.
“Do you like it, new friend?” Brent asked. Ken and Barbie nodded and then Barbie ran off and came back with another guy.
“Here’s your other one. What’s your name?” She asked the red headed guy she had chosen.
“Kevin.” He told her. Ken handed him some clothes and directed him toward the dressing rooms. He ran off and went into a room and came back looking fabulous in his new outfit.
“Shall we check out?” Barbie asked Ken. He nodded and they motioned for their new friends to follow them. They all walked up to the counter.
“Is this all?” The clerk asked. Ken payed the guy and him and Barbie left with their new friends.
"Ken, my new friends and I are going to go hang out in town. I'll call you later. You and your friends go chill. Bye." She said and she gave Ken a kiss and her and her friends turned and walked off. Ken and his new friends hopped in his jeep that has a horn that really honks and a steering wheel that really turns and drove off.
Barbie was with her friends walking around when she saw the guy that she had seen in the beginning of the story...

To Be Continued

Chapter 3 :D

Creative Endeavors / Barbie Meets G.I. Joe Chapter 2
« on: April 21, 2003, 01:30:39 pm »

After they picked Skipper up at Barbie's Barbie mansion with 5 car garage and doorbell that actually rings, they all climbed back into Ken's jeep that has a horn that really honks and a steering wheel that really turns and went to Ken's Beverly Hills style mansion with 5 car garage, doorbell that really rings, and windows that really open and close and picked up Cameron.
"Cameron, this is Skipper. Skipper, Cameron," Ken introduced them, "Oh no! I have a hair on my beautiful Ken sandy blond head that is out of place!!!!" Ken screamed and he ran inside his Beverly Hills style mansion with 5 car garage, doorbell that really rings, and windows that really open and close. After 10 minutes he finally came back out... His Ken sandy blond hair perfect once again.
"Well, can we go now, Ken?" Cameron asked impatiently.
"Sure. Everyone get into the Ken jeep that has a horn that really honks and a steering wheel that really turns." So they all jumped into the Ken jeep that has a horn that really honks and a steering wheel that really turns and sped off to the movie theatre.
"So... what exactly are we seeing?" Cameron asked when they got to the Barbie movie theatre with real picture.
"Well, our choices are:
Barbie and Ken in Cinderella,
Barbie Meets Godzilla, or
Barbie and Skipper go skinny-dipping... I mean Barbie and Skipper go to Rome." Ken read outloud.
"Let's go see Barbie Meets Godzilla." Cameron and Skipper said together.
"Oh... But... Fine." Barbie finally said and they all went up and bought tickets from the ticket stand with real tickets. They walked in and sat down in the real folding, padded chairs somewhere in the middle. The real movie was about to begin when Skipper and Cameron turned their little plastic heads and asked if they could get some real Barbie candy or popcorn. Barbie handed them some real Barbie money and they ran off. The movie started and Barbie snuggled up to Ken. They were sitting there "watching the movie" when Barbie got hit in the head with something. She put her hand up to her perfect, Barbie blond hair and pulled a real Barbie candy that had been put in someone's mouth out of her perfect, Barbie blond hair.
"Eeeeeewwwww!!!!!" Barbie exclaimed.
"Yeah, the part where Godzilla bites that guy in half is gross." Ken replied.
"Not that Ken! This!" She stuck her hand with the real Barbie candy on it in his face. Ken pulled away and asked,
"Where did that come from?!?!?"
"Duh!! Someone threw it at me!"
"Who would...," then Ken was interrupted by giggles behind them, "Skipper and Cameron." They both said together. Skipper and Cameron appeared next to them laughing. Barbie turned to Ken and he was laughing too. But not at the candy, at the movie. He was laughing at some guy getting ripped to shreds by Godzilla.
"Ken... wait... Skipper, why don't you 2 go sit somewhere else."
"O.K." Skipper said and her and Cameron moved.
"Ken... I need some new friends. It's not that I don't like spending time with you... It's just that... you're so... shallow... talking to you, is like... talking to a wall."
"Um... whatever... We'll buy you some friends tomorrow." Ken replied and Barbie kissed him on the cheek and they snuggled and watched the movie.
The next morning Barbie's Barbie cell phone that really rings rang.
"Hello?" (pause) "Sleeping, what're you doing?" (pause) "Now?" (pause) "O.K. See you in a bit." and Barbie hung up her Barbie cell phone that really rings and got up and got dressed. In about 2 minutes, Ken pulled up in his Ken jeep that has a horn that really honks and a steering wheel that really turns. Barbie ran out to the Ken jeep that has a horn that really honks and a steering wheel that really turns and they drove to the Barbie's Real Friend Store.

to sign

but it's comin... sorry guys... hehe

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a girl named Barbie. Barbie had a boyfriend named Ken. One day, Barbie and Ken were driving around in Ken's jeep that has a horn that really honks and a steering wheel that really turns. Barbie was just kind of looking out the window, daydreaminf and stuff and she saw a guy walking down the street. Barbie looked at him and then at Ken. There was something about the guy that she found more attractive than Ken, but she couldn't figure out what it was. The man was in his camo, whereas Ken was in his Abercrombie and Fitch polo t-shirt and his American Eagle shorts.
"Barbie! Barbie, are you ignoring me?"
"Oh, what?" Barbie jumped back to reality, to life.
"I asked you how Skipper is feeling."
"Oh, she's feeling a bit better."
"Well, that's good. Do you think she wants to go to the movie with us tonight? We could set her up on a blind date with my brother, Cameron. He's only a year older than she is." Ken told her.
"Hhmm... she might like that. Let me call her on my Barbie cell phone that really rings." She said as she pulled her Barbie cell phone that really rings out of her pink Barbie purse.
"Hi Skipper, how are you feeling?" (pause)
"Oh good, do you want to go to the movie with me and Ken tonight?" (pause)
"Oh, you won't be a third wheel... we'll set you up with Ken's brother, blind date style." (pause)
"O.K. go fix your hair with my Barbie curling iron that really warms up. But don't burn your hair. Bye." and Barbie put her cell phone that really rings back into her pink Barbie purse.
"We'll have to pick them up. Have you asked Cameron?" Barbie asked Ken.
"No... May I use your Barbie cell phone that really rings to call him? I forgot my Ken cell phone that really rings at home."
"Sure," Barbie said, and she opened her pink Barbie purse and pulled out her Barbie cell phone that really rings, "Would you like me to dial it for you, so that you don't crash your Ken jeep that has a horn that really honks and a steering wheel that really turns?" She asked.
"Good idea, Barbie. You're so smart." Barbie dialed Ken's phone number and handed her Barbie cell phone that really rings to Ken.
"Cameron... How are you?" (pause)
"Good, good... What are you doing tonight?" (pause)
"Well, would you like to go to the movie with me and Barbie tonight?" (pause)
"No... we're going to set you up on a blind date with Barbie's sister." (pause)
"O.K. go fix your hair with my Ken styling gel. Bye." Ken handed Barbie her Barbie cell phone that really rings and they drove to Barbie's house.

is now gonna
go post Chapter

Completely Off-Topic / DAMN!!!
« on: April 21, 2003, 01:09:14 pm »
That thing's gorgeous!

is a big
car fan

Completely Off-Topic / i need opinions...
« on: April 21, 2003, 01:06:58 pm »
Oh! That is so cute! hehe... I'm gettin a Skipper Key this spring... we just have to find one... they're so cute... and little...

used to
have a
but the
UPS guy
ran her

Completely Off-Topic / weirdest thing...
« on: April 21, 2003, 12:59:34 pm »
I'm lactose intolerant... so i can't drink milk or eat any dairy products... it kinda sucks... cuz i like 'em... hehe...

wishes she
could have
dairy products

Completely Off-Topic / did you happen to watch it this week?
« on: April 20, 2003, 09:59:03 pm »
I missed it... b/c i was at a friend's for dinner... and so i have no idea what happened...


Introduce Yourself / hehe...
« on: April 20, 2003, 09:52:06 pm »
thanks... at least someone replied...

wasn't sure
if she was
gonna get
a reply at
all... hehe

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