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if anyone cares to check it out. it's meh.  :-\

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Daytrotter Session 2016
« on: April 06, 2016, 01:35:34 pm »

in case anyone didn't know, this happened.
...pretty cool recordings.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: vanessa store sale!
« on: January 07, 2016, 05:42:04 pm »
heads up if no one else noticed, they are now selling a "clear" version of the Liberman vinyl.
I ordered 2. get 'em while they're hot ;)

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: November 24, 2015, 07:04:55 pm »
I don't know where to post this. But what do you guys make of the comment Irv Gotti left on her instagram post about taking a break from/ using less social media? I am intrigued.

"irvgotti187@vanessacarltonactual I actually knew this was gonna happen. As I know my V too well. So please before she disappears. Please. Someone. Management. Record Label. Someone. If not her. Get in touch with me. I have ideas and business to do with my V. This is real. I need to connect with her. She will love the ideas that I have for her. Trust me. And yes. This is Irv Gotti. And yes. Heroes and Thieves came out on my Murder Inc label. And yes. I'm Vee's GANESH! And Yes. I love and respect her and think she is a genius with the pen and that piano. And Yes. I will never stop fighting for her cause of the genuine love that I have for her. So please. I know someone is reading this. DM with her IG account so I will see it please. And get to talk to her. ❤️❤️❤️"

I'm definitely not opposed to hearing more tracks like "m-a-k-e-l-o-v-e-t-o-m-e".... but not sure if it's what V really wants.
Glad to know she's at least wanted and can do more things if she needs to... but ultimately, it is up to her.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: October 14, 2015, 05:27:27 am »
I remember Starbucks did this four years ago when Rabbits was about to come out

right, I wonder what other songs are on that playlist other than Blue Pool.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: September 12, 2015, 06:06:11 am »
by looking at the page source for the downloadable items page, I was able to find the link to download Nothing Where Something Used to Be, but NOT House of Seven Swords demo.
I think I contacted someone using the blue thingy at the bottom right of the page, so hopefully I get a reply soon, I REALLY cannot wait to download HoSS demo. >__<

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: September 12, 2015, 05:38:34 am »
Just for the record, I did register to order the album but I still can't download the 2 mp3 files. When I go to "My downloadable products" only one song appears and I can't get to the actual file. It's pretty weird.

Same here. So does anyone actually have the songs and downloaded them?

same issue :(

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: September 11, 2015, 04:04:10 am »
wow the video is awesome! i love the image of her staring the painting!

the song playing is ascension right? i love it! it's very youth lagoon. amazing.

I love the liberman video!  did you notice it's directed by her brother?  I also knew that was ascension right away because 1-it didn't sound like anything I've heard before, and i'm pretty sure I've heard at least snippets from all the songs except that one. and 2 - the chords ascend. it's super beautiful, and like "in the end" but in a more positive, uplifting way than it is.  definitely ending on a brighter note than ROTR (even though the message of ITE is ultimately a positive one, the atmosphere it creates is not, and it's a morbid concept for people to grasp sometimes, but I digress)

I wouldn't call "and I go and die" an uplifting ending to the song, but... we'll leave that for the song discussion thread :-P
I was surprised she just went ahead and just unveiled another song like that.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: August 23, 2015, 01:18:23 pm »
Just listened to FWF at the Hollywood Cafe from a few years back. I think what I miss the most about her old stuff is the passion. Like I know this is her dream record and I'm proud of her and do like her new stuff, but I miss when she would almost yell the songs sometimes. It seemed so much more real. I know dreamy and ethereal is her goal, and it's beautiful, but I've been listening to Harmonium and her demo tape nonstop recently. 

love the demo tape and early demo stuff because to me, they are the most raw emotional songs. you can really feel it in her voice, you can feel the thick emotion.

Vanessa Songs / Lyrics / Sheet Music / Re: Operator Lyrics
« on: July 29, 2015, 08:48:48 am »
i actually think its about leaving everything behind and daring to run away with someone ("worry bout the others later"). i think on the littler brother verse she is literally telling the guy to call her brother and say goodbye, "be good, i love you" and stuff. she is like a manipulative woman who told a guy into running away with her and leaving everything behind but she still cares and want him to do the right thing before he leaves.

or the other way around.

my take was kind of uhhh, i don't want to be mean, but this IS an "emo" song, as Vanessa said...
I think this song is Vanessa going to an extreme, doesn't have to be literal, like I don't think she actually means it..
but figuratively I guess...
anyway, it's just a story, right?

This is a guy coming into this particular female's life and well... getting her pregnant and wanting to run away with her.
she could be this guy's escape or... key to success...the answer to all his problems
or she feels like in some way he's trying to do this
he wants to get hitched, married.... run away with her.. shocking news.
tell your family, you should just accept this life with me and change your bad habits and make peace--make good with everyone in your life.
this baby is the answer, this new life with me will be the greatest thing ever.
it's the guy trying to convince her to leave her old life and join forces with him.
we can make money off of our life experiences in the form of songs, because we are musicians.
in other words, this whole song is the female feeling invaded and completely defeated, though it is a good thing,
this story lives in the moment where she has doubts and fears of a new life.
---or just that pivotal moment where they decide as a couple, to actually just do it and realize that it actually is best.

Rivers! Such a good interview with Marc Maron. We just listened on way back from Newport Folk. Whatever happened to our song? @RiversCuomo

 Scooter Alpert ‏@scooter5000  5h5 hours ago
@VanessaCarlton @RiversCuomo did he throw you over to work with the muppets again?  (in fairness, muppets are hard to compete with)

 Vanessa Carlton ‏@VanessaCarlton  5h5 hours ago
@scooter5000 @RiversCuomo no it was from ages ago. I sent a funeral march and he wrote lyrics over it. X

She did a collab with Rivers! I'd love to hear this!

ditto. love Rivers, this would be fantastic to hear! but unfortunately, knowing how Rivers does, it probably got thrown away with a list of about a few hundred other songs that didn't make an album list or something like that :/

so beautiful, LOVE the message and feel of this song. very emotional and made me chuckle a little when i first heard the "you should do it, do it" line :-p

slightly reminded me of something regina spektor would've written.

this song can definitely speak out to a lot of people, can't wait to hear the album version! I'm sure it'll be just perfect!

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: June 18, 2015, 07:33:56 pm »
Do you think Operator is the song about "the lady who lives in a lighthouse" that she wrote right after ROTR came out? Would love to hear it :-).

I don't remember that.... link?

I can't find a link but it was a radio interview with a man... not the NPR interview... but it was very similar

here it is

until we find out what this song is, I added it to the song list. :)

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: June 17, 2015, 05:24:06 am »
Do you think Operator is the song about "the lady who lives in a lighthouse" that she wrote right after ROTR came out? Would love to hear it :-).

I don't remember that.... link?

so is the version you guys already had the same one we just got?

same exact, new one is probably better quality though.

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